1. 18 ‘- Goal – Oscar Plano (1 – 0)
  1. 79 ‘- Cont. Marcos Llorente by Geoffrey Kondogbia
  2. 78 ‘- Geel – João Félix
  3. 78 ‘- Yellow – Fede San Emeterio
  4. 74 ‘- Yellow – Míchel
  5. 69′ – Geel – Jawad El Yamiq
  6. 67 ‘- Goal – Luis Suárez (1 – 2)
  7. 65 ‘- Verv. Marcos Andre by Sergi Guardiola
  8. 63 ‘- Verv. Toni Villa door Jota
  9. 63 ‘- Verv. Saúl door João Félix
  10. 63 ‘- Verv. Mario Hermoso door Renan Lodi
  11. 63 ‘- Verv. Roque Mesa door Míchel
  12. 57 ‘- Doelpunt – Ángel Correa (1 – 1)
  13. 55 ‘- Yellow – Marcos Andre

Tonight the curtain will fall on La Liga: on the final matchday, city rivals Atlético and Real Madrid will decide who will win the league title. If Atletico wins from Valladolid, it is certain of the title. Follow the match live now.

The 1-0 of Valladolid:

  1. 79′second half, minute 79. Carrasco aims. Atlético is looking for 1-3, because then it is definitely time to book. Felix takes a quick dribble and sends Suarez deep. He in turn plays the racing Carrasco, but the Red Devil lacks the energy to print properly. .
  2. 79′second half, minute 79. Replacement at Atlético Madrid, Geoffrey Kondogbia in, Marcos Llorente out
  3. 78′Yellow card for João Félix of Atlético Madrid during the second half, minute 78
  4. 78′Fede San Emeterio of Real Valladolid gets yellow during second half, minute 78
  5. 76′second half, minute 76. Relegation beckons for Valladolid. We would almost forget it because of the beckoning title for Atlético, but Valladolid is condemned to relegation at this stand. The home team took over the initiative after the 1-2, but no real chances have emerged from it. .
  6. 74′Real Valladolid’s Míchel gets yellow during second half, minute 74
  7. 73′second half, minute 73. At Real Madrid, Villarreal is still ahead. It seems that Courtois and co are going to grab the title, unless another sharp turnaround follows. .
  8. 70′second half, minute 70. It seems that Atlético can now freewheel to the title. Tom Boudeweel on Radio 1.
  9. 69′Jawad El Yamiq of Real Valladolid gets yellow card during second half, minute 69
  10. 68′second half, minute 68. Will Suàrez Atlético kick to the title? The title now seems to be coming very close for Atlético. Suàrez is sent into depth by a bad pass back from Valladolid. The Uruguayan does not miss the point of an opportunity and scores his 21st of the season. & Nbsp; .
  11. 67′Goal in second half, minute 67 by Luis Suárez of Atlético Madrid. 1, 2.
  12. 66′second half, minute 66. The equalizer of Correa has provided a little more breathing space for Atlético, but it remains deadly. Real still needs two goals, about 25 minutes to go. .
  13. 65′second half, minute 65. Simeone makes a double substitution. Just after the hour, Simeone starts tinkering with his team for the first time. Saúl and Hermoso are allowed to rest, João Felix and Renan Lodi are sent to war. & Nbsp; .
  14. 65′second half, minute 65. Replacement at Real Valladolid, Sergi Guardiola in, Marcos Andre out
  15. 63′second half, minute 63. Replacement at Real Valladolid, Jota in, Toni Villa out
  16. 63′second half, minute 63. Replacement at Atlético Madrid, João Félix in, Saúl out
  17. 63′second half, minute 63. Replacement at Atlético Madrid, Renan Lodi in, Mario Hermoso out
  18. 63′second half, minute 63. Replacement at Real Valladolid, Míchel in, Roque Mesa out
  19. 62′second half, minute 62. Weissman leaves the 2-1. Suddenly there is Valladolid again. Oblak sees a swing from Olaza coming well but does not work away really well, Weissman only has to head in the falling ball, but is still working on it. What an opportunity! .
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