China charges against Greta Thunberg from the media calling her “environmental princess” and attacking her even personally. She demands drastic changes to reduce their emissions


Greta Thunberg has become something like the “green beast” in China after raising the alarm for his high level of CO2 emissions (27% of the global pie) and urge “a drastic change of course.” The local authorities have replied with a media offensive in China Daily, who has taunted the Swedish activist by calling her “environmental princess” and even attacking her personally: “Although she claims to be a vegetarian, judging by the results of her own growth, her carbon emissions are not exactly low.”

The controversy has preceded the launch of the video #ForNature, coinciding with the International Day of Biological Diversity. Greta Thunberg insta a “connecting the dots” between the pandemic and the ecological crisis and calls for a radical change in our relationship with nature, with special emphasis on the food system, responsible for a quarter of emissions.

“Our relationship with nature is broken,” asserts the 18-year-old activist. “If we continue to produce food as before, and we continue to destroy the habitats of wild plants and animals, we will continue to drive many species to extinction (…) 75% of the diseases are already zoontic, and the destruction of nature is creating the conditions for the transmission of new diseases. The next pandemic could be much worse. “

As a preamble to the video, Greta Thunberg echoed on her own Twitter account the attacks received in recent days from Beijing: “The official Chinese media have tried to embarrass me for my weight, and that is a very rare experience, even by my standards. But I will definitely include this in my resume. “

On previous occasions, Thunberg turned around attacks such as those led by the former US president Donald Tump (“She seems like a very happy young woman and waiting for a bright and wonderful future”) or by the president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, when I called him “pirralha” (“brat”). During her 2019 tour of the United States, she received personal insults for her autistic condition, but never to date had she been attacked for being a vegetarian.

The struggle with Beijing dates back to the beginning of May, when Greta shared on the networks a CNN article with a blunt headline: “China’s annual CO2 emissions exceed those of developed countries as a whole.” According to data from the consulting firm Rhodium Group, China emitted a total of 52 gigatons of carbon dioxide in 2019, which is equivalent to 27% of the global total, compared to 11% in the United States and 6.4% in the European Union.

China, still considered a “developing country”

China is still considered a “developing country” by the World Trade Organization, although many of our products are manufactured there “, Greta Thunberg recalled in her Twitter post.” That is not an excuse to ruin the future or present living conditions, however. We cannot solve the climate crisis unless China drastically changes direction. “

In her #ForNature video, Thunberg draws attention to a global change in the food system and highlights how 83% of the cultivated land is used for feeding animals to produce meat and milk. “Every year 60,000 million land animals are killed for human consumption (according to calculations by the AnimaNatutalis association) and that’s not counting the fish, which we measure by weight (20 kilos per person per year)”, recalls the activist.

According to Thunberg, the Global shift to a vegetarian-based diet will require 76% less available land and it will translate into a saving of 8,000 million tons of CO2 per year. 70% of animals for human consumption (90% in the United States) are grown on farms, often caged and in crowded conditions.

“How will we be judged?” Asks the activist in the final stretch. “The way we eat and how we get food is closely related to the way we treat nature. We have some options, but those in power have the ultimate responsibility. In any case, qu stud t?“.

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