Euro: do you have it?  This 2-cent piece is worth 400 euros

Euro: do you have it? This 2-cent piece is worth 400 euros

This particular 2 cent coin was offered at auction for 400 euros. (Symbol image)

Photo: IMAGO / Westend61 / MiS (Montage: DER WESTEN)

Do you have one Euro-Cent coin in your wallet? It could be worth a lot more than you think.

New ones are added regularly Euro– Coins minted and old, battered ones sorted out. If new EuroPieces are produced, errors may occur. And they are in great demand with collectors. If you have such a copy, you can sell it well.

Euro: You should pay attention to that

Like a 2-cent piece from France. Because this euro coin has no front or back as we know it. The 3.05 gram copy has two fronts. The value side was embossed on the front and back of the blank.

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The picture of the “young Marianne” should actually be on display there. It was designed by the engraver Fabienne Courtiade. Marianne stands for the desire for a strong, united and lasting Europe.


Well-known euro misprints:

  • Embossing weakness: Parts of the picture are difficult to see.
  • Old maps: EU enlargements have been forgotten.
  • Wrong fonts: A country other than the one in the picture is indicated.
  • Twists: The front and back are not at the same angle to each other.
  • Overflow: The inside of the euro coin, for example, extends over the edge, also known as a “fried egg”.


+++ Deutsche Post issues a warning: Be careful if you as a customer receive this message – it could cost you dearly +++

In an auction eight years ago, this piece was offered for 400 euros. A coin expert has confirmed the authenticity of the piece in advance. The euro cent coin was minted in Paris. Here you can see a picture of the coin <<<


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If you have this 2 euro cent piece or a similar minting error, you should contact a coin expert. Maybe you discovered a little treasure. (ldi)


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