Global vaccination against the coronavirus will be the decisive point for the end of the pandemic in the world, but not everything is so simple: different studies reveal that there are patients in whom the vaccine does not protect as much as in others.

As collected Gizmodo, various studies reveal that immunosuppressed people they are less likely to develop immunity against coronavirus after being vaccinated.

Although it was suspected that this would occur before the creation of vaccines, it is now known that the virus can cause disease more severe and survive much longer in immunosuppressed people, due to the weaker immune response generated against them.

This same reason can also cause the immunosuppressed who have had the disease to be more susceptible to reinfection, something that in other patients is considered rare.

One of the studies analyzed hundreds of organ transplant recipients. The research showed that only 15% produced antibodies against the coronavirus after the first dose of an mRNA vaccine. With the second dose, only 54% did.

Although antibodies are not the only indicator of immunity, other research has shown that the vast majority of people, after an infection or vaccination, create antibodies and they have strong immunity.

Scientists explain that organ transplant recipients and people with conditions such as certain cancers should take immunosuppressive medications or treatments such as radiation that artificially weaken your immune system.

The point is that there are also people who are born or develop immune deficiencies that weaken the body’s ability to generate an effective immune response to infection or vaccination. Thus, it is believed that around 10 million Americans are immunosuppressed in some way, leaving them at greater risk of severe Covid-19 even after being vaccinated.

“The risk is very different for the people in my situation. Therefore, I am developing in my day to day as if he was not immunized“said Maria Hoffman, a kidney transplant recipient, when Washington Post.

Experts believe that booster shots can improve the situation for these immunosuppressed people. But some voices have already been raised in the United States against the relaxation of measures proposed by the CDC, such as the non-mandatory masks in those already vaccinated, because they can endanger the immunosuppressed.


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