Fame costs … and on Instagram is where you are going to break a sweat. That seems to be the moral behind Sweat, second movie of Magnus von Horn and second Polish reflection on social networks of the year after the outstanding Hater (from Jan Komasa, available on Netflix).

The story of a Patry jordan polish who discovers that, without his mobile, he is nobody. To its protagonist, Magdalena Kolesnik, It has also cost him his thing to star in this emotional and physical journey through the solitude of an influencer’s day-to-day life. Without screens in between, we devirtualize one of the performers of the year.

You spent a year and a half preparing the role to change your physique …

We hired a personal trainer, because until then I only practiced ashtanga yoga. Something strange happened. As I worked, my body realized that my interior was also changing. Exercising changes you on a much deeper level than I ever imagined.

In what sense?

I started to build my character in the gym. I cried a lot doing weights. I felt vulnerable. And that is later seen on the screen. It was a laboratory to get me personally involved.

At that time, you didn’t even have an Instagram profile… What interested you about the project?

It was a big risk from a production point of view, because they could have chosen any other actress who already had thousands of followers on Instagram. I liked that it was radical, that it was a challenge. He had to start from scratch and try to understand why people upload moments of their life to Instagram, and why other people care. What is it about having your phone as your best friend. It was interesting to see how people were interested in me even though they didn’t know me at all.

Do you think the lives of influencers and actresses are similar?

Yes, it is true that there is something similar. We are different people by playing our characters in the same way that influencers play a role. But when you are an actress you have more authenticity. You can open up in a way that an influencer never can.

And what is good about the influencer world?

Sometimes social networks can be more honest than the cinema itself. You can live with an Instagrammer for many years, even your whole life. At the cinema we only have two hours.

It’s funny because the influencers who, like your character Sylwia, are dedicated to fitness have become very popular due to the pandemic …

I think that, during the confinement, who else who has least visited influencer profiles. It’s funny how important they have become in our lives.

The director, Magnus von Horn, maintains that the script changed substantially with your input. What do you mean?

Our conversations have modulated aspects of the character related to my own biography: my relationship with the family, accompanying a helpless person to a hospital … And, above all, the final scene, which we wrote separately the night before. The next morning, we realized that we both agreed on the substantial.

Speaking of family, your brother is Bartosz Bielenia, the fabulous protagonist of Body of Christ (Jan Komasa, 2019). Is there family competition?

We do not compete. We are going on parallel paths. We don’t give each other advice. We believe in our abilities and we love each other. We became a couple in a short (Ondyna, 2019)… we even had a sex scene!

Your last post on Instagram is from a year ago, Magdalena… At the blacksmith’s house with a wooden knife?

I know I would do better in the industry if I handled myself more efficiently on social media… but they are such a waste of time… It is important for me to spend my time on my people.


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