The strategy that the King of Cachopo could follow to dismember Heidi without leaving a trace

Agents of the Scientific Police Brigade of the National Police do not rule out that César Román Viruete, the King of Cachopo, there could be dismembered the corpse of Heidi Paz with plastics in her flat in Vallecas or even in the warehouse in the district of Usera where the young woman’s torso was found inside a charred suitcase.

In the 10th session of the oral hearing The agents who collected traces and traces in the industrial warehouse on Sebastián Gómez street and in the apartment located on López Grass street, where César lived shortly before the events tried, have testified.

The trial will conclude next week with the expert evidence and the final reports. The hearing will be seen for sentence with the last word of the accused.

One of the unknowns of the investigation is where the girl’s crime took place and how the murder was carried out. Investigators do not rule out that the murder could have occurred by covering both the floor of López Grass or the warehouse with plastic when finding biological vestiges.

No biological evidence

During the inspection of the house in Cubas de la Sagra, where César lived with one of his ex-partners, no biological evidence was found when the samples in which the Luminol reagent was applied were negative.

The appearing agents carried out a visual inspection in the Vallecas apartment and they collected biological remains to determine if they were the victim’s blood. On the morning of August 5, 2018, the date on which the death is dated, the defendant traveled by taxi to a nearby point in the ship with a suitcase that was very heavy, according to the taxi driver who transferred him.

In the floor samples were collected at various points when testing positive when applying the chemical reagent called Luminol. “There were two positives in Luminol inside the wardrobe, on a baseboard in the living room, one on the sofa and one under the window, and in a cabinet that separates the kitchen, two on the front and on the floor,” he detailed.

The samples were sent to the Biology and DNA laboratory of the General Police Station of the Scientific Police. The agents they have not specified whether it was blood or sweatWhat they have said is that there were several genetic profiles.

They did not repaint

The defense attorney, Carmen Balfagón -who replaces Ana Isabel Peña in the session-, has asked if they detected that the floor had been painted or a smell of cleaning product, to which you have answered “no.”

There were also no marks on the walls that made indicate that a violent act had occurred. However, the agent has stated that “it could be” that a dismemberment had occurred when asked if there were traces that would suggest that a dismemberment took place.

The attorney for the private prosecution, Alexis Socias, has inquired about whether it could be that the Luminol does not detect blood in the event that the room had been covered with plastic, to which he said “could be”.

The plastic strategy

Another member of the Scientific Police has detailed the remains found in Sebastián Gómez’s warehouse, where biological remains were collected on the floor and in the sink. Samples of footprints located in a carafe of water.

“If the space of the ship is covered with plastic, is it possible switch the stage and what is not positive in Luminol? the lawyer has asked him, to which he has answered that “perfectly”.

The expert test will specify what the samples found on the floor and in the warehouse correspond to. In addition, you will find out about the Roman’s fingerprints found on the suitcase and in the cans of the corrosive product that was poured on the girl’s torso to eliminate traces.


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