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  • After the controversial statements of Harry and Meghan with Oprah, the grandson of Elizabeth II has spoken again

  • He has done it in a documentary series that deals with mental health, ‘The me you can’t see’

  • Prince Harry fears that his wife will suffer, as happened to her mother, the consequences of the harassment of the British press

More than two months have passed since Meghan Markle Y prince harry gave some shocking statements to Oprah Winfrey that went around the world. In the interview, which lasted more than two hours, the dukes of sussex they spoke of the racist attitudes of which they had been victims by the Royal House and the British press, which led them to be protagonists of the acquaintance ‘Megxit‘. His words generated a greater distance with his relatives, but the death of Felipe de Edimburgo, husband of Isabel II, united the brothers again. Or so it seemed.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview

Now, just a few weeks after those controversial statements, Prince Harry is one of the protagonists of the documentary series’The me you can´t see‘(The Part of Me You Can’t See’, which he has created with Oprah Winfrey. In this series, in addition to talking about mental health, Meghan Markle’s husband acknowledges that you have needed professional help at many stages of your life to be able to recover and continue, which has prepared him “to be able to face anything”.

Meghan and Harry, secluded from Madame Tussauds with "their new friends"

Harry y Meghan MarkleSource: Cordon Press

The grandson of Elizabeth II of England made the decision to go to therapy after understanding that “it is not a sign of weakness” and with the intention of “curing myself from the past.” “Four years of therapy for a person who never thought they would ever need it is a long time. Nor was he in an environment that motivated him to talk about it, “he recalls.

The death of his mother and the pressure of the British press

Prince Harry was only 12 years old when Lady Di he died. Meghan Markle’s husband was unable to process the pain he was feeling. “I don’t want to think about her, because if I think about her, I remember that I can’t bring her back and I’m going to get sad. What is the use of thinking about something sad? What’s the point of thinking about someone you’ve lost and will never come back? And I just decided not to talk about it. Nobody talked about that ”, he confessed in this documentary.

The story of Lady Di and Prince Charles was complicated.

Lady Di and Prince Charlesdivinity.es

The following years were very hard and leisure and drugs became something of an escape route for him, who was willing to do anything to avoid “feeling the way I felt.”

He now has the fear of losing someone else because of his wife, Meghan Markle, because of the new pressure from the British press that they are receiving and whom he accuses of being racists. “My mother was persecuted to death because she was in a relationship with someone who was not white, and look what happened. Do we want history to repeat itself? They won’t stop until she dies. It’s terrifying to lose another woman in my life“, he confesses.

Prince Harry asked the British Royal House for help

The best years were spent in the army, oblivious to the special treatment he was given for belonging to the royal family. Harry and Meghan, faced with harassment from the press and racist signs when they began their relationship, asked the institution for help because they felt “defenseless.” “I thought my family would help me, but all the requests, all the signs met with silence or total neglect. We spent four years trying to make it work. We did everything we could to stay there and continue to do our job. ”


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