Indecopi applied provisional anti-dumping duties to imports of fabrics from China

Indecopi’s Commission on Dumping, Subsidies and Elimination of Non-Tariff Trade Barriers (CDB) applied provisional anti-dumping duties to imports of Chinese-origin plain polyester-cotton blend fabrics.

This measure is taken by determining, in a preliminary manner, significant damage to national production generated by the entry into the country of this product with a dumping margin of 47.34%.

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The decision was adopted through Resolution No. 170-2021 / CDB-INDECOPI, of May 12, 2021, in which these provisional anti-dumping duties are set at US $ 2.08 per kilogram on the aforementioned imports and its application is provided for a period of four months, counted from the day after the publication of this resolution in the official newspaper El Peruano.

Anti-dumping duties refer to a surcharge that is applied in the form of a duty on imports at dumped prices that cause injury to the domestic industry. It can be provisional if it is fixed during the investigation, or definitive when it is imposed once it is concluded.

It should be noted that these provisional anti-dumping duties have been issued within the framework of the investigation carried out by the CBD on imports of plain weave fabrics from China, after which it will be determined, subsequently, whether to apply definitive anti-dumping duties, if applicable. confirm material injury to the domestic industry.

At this stage of the investigation procedure, the Commission has determined that, during the analysis period (January 2017 – March 2020), important economic and financial indicators of national production, such as domestic sales, market share, productivity and profit margin, registered a negative behavior due to the entry of imports of plain fabrics from China at dumped prices.


Along the same lines, it was observed that imports of Chinese mixed taffeta fabrics entered Peru registering an average undervaluation level of 45.9% with respect to the domestic sales price of domestic producers.

The request to initiate the investigation procedure to apply anti-dumping duties to these imports from China was presented in July 2020 by the national producing companies Tecnología Textil SA and Consorcio La Parcela SA In October of that year, the CBD initiated the investigation procedure against imports of plain weave fabrics, and on January 25, 2021, both Peruvian companies requested the application of provisional anti-dumping duties.


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