A world without women

Light of my life, on HBO

Light of my life

While half of Hollywood is pointing to the public defenestration of Woody Allen, Casey Affleck He is still so enthusiastic despite the sexual harassment accusations against him. Although he publicly apologized for his behavior during the filming of I’m Still Here, it’s easy to see that forgiveness extended to Light of my life, his second movie.

Starring himself, tells the story of a father and daughter (Anna Pniowsky) who travel the United States in the middle of a pandemic and try to survive the social consequences caused by a virus that has killed all women, including their mother (Elizabeth Moss), which we only see in evocative flashbacks.

With echoes to Road e Sons of men and from its first sequence, as long as it is endearing, Light of my life It is not so much a post-apocalyptic dystopia but the intimate tale of a father who survives raising his daughter alone, without help, protecting her from an increasingly dangerous world as she grows older.

‘Girls’ at a Jewish funeral

Shiva Baby, on Of the movie

Shiva Baby
Shiva Baby
Of the movie

What could be more terrible than attending a Jewish funeral with your parents? Meet the guy you just slept with there (because you are secretly prostituting yourself). That is the wild premise of the first film of Emma Seligman, a comedy as black as the costumes of its characters, uninhibited as the best chapter of Girls and very very funny.

Screwball comedy centennial, Shiva Baby dazzles to a large extent for its leading actress, Rachel Sennott (keep her name because I’m sure that, from now on, we’ll see her more), a young woman with an enormous talent for gestural comedy. Also because of the mastery behind the camera of its director, who directs with great comic tempo and knows how to close the frames and use sound (that baby that does not stop crying, mothers chattering) so that we feel the same anguish as its protagonist.

Para fanboys de Sylvia Plath

Sylvia: Inside the bell jar, on Of the movie

Sylvia: The Bell Jar
Sylvia: The Bell Jar
Of the movie

Sylvia Plath he committed suicide three weeks after publishing his only novel, The bell jar. This event has eclipsed the literary quality of the only prose work by one of the most important writers of the 20th century. This is precisely why documentaries like this are so convenient.

Something television in its realization but with some archive images in which the New York of the 50s shines, Sylvia: Inside the bell jar he enters, with the honeyed voice of Maggie Gyllenhaal, in Plath’s novel by reconstructing the material that inspired him: his scholarship in the magazine Miss during a summer in the 1950s that ended in his first suicide attempt.

Rather than claiming the novel itself – no documentary will be able to overcome the experience of reading it – some issues stand out above others. First, we have been living with his young ghost for so long that it is exciting to listen to his contemporaries and think that today he could be 90 years old. What’s more, Sylvia: Inside the bell jar It serves, through these testimonies and Plath herself in her letters and diaries, as a deep reflection on what it meant to be a woman in the 1950s.

You will never look at your teenagers with the same eyes again

The girl with the bracelet in Movistar +

The girl with the bracelet
The girl with the bracelet
Movistar +

The girl with the bracelet It is one of those films that for industrial reasons are no longer made in Spain. Luckily, we have France close by. Stephane Demoustier uses as a casing the judicial thriller –the trial of a teenage girl accused of having stabbed her best friend to death– to talk about the unknown that young people represent for their elders.

Melissa Guers she plays the accused with an ambiguity that gives as many chills as the sexual life she admits having in front of her bewildered parents. The director’s sister, Anaïs Demoustier, plays a weapons prosecutor take and Chiara Mastroianni to the mother overcome by circumstances. A bit like it will happen to you when you see this movie.

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