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  • Breastfeeding will be essential during the first months of the baby’s life, as it will provide all the necessary nutrients.

  • For various reasons, it may be that the woman does not breastfeed and has to resort to formula milk.

  • In the market you can find a very wide variety and you will have to be clear about which one to choose.

The milk It will be a decisive food in the first months of the baby’s life, but it will also continue to be so when the little one starts complementary feeding. Is it will provide you with the necessary nutrients to grow well and develop properly. Therefore, it will be very important that they continue to drink milk from the mother’s breast or, failing that, that they feed on formula milk. The latter may be the one that generates more doubts, since if we take a look at the market we can find a great variety.

Thus, the fathers They may wonder which is the best option depending on the age of the little one. Stage by stage, it will be sought cover all the baby’s needs with the amount of nutrients and vitamins that you require at all times. Therefore, when choosing it will be very important to know what types of baby milk exist and, always under the supervision of a specialist, make the most appropriate decision.


The World Health Organization and the Spanish Pediatric Association advise the breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of the baby’s life and up to two years, supplementing it with other solid foods. This would be the ideal recommendation, but it cannot always be carried out for different reasons, which is why many moms turn to formula milk, which will also provide all the necessary nutrients for the growth of the baby. But, What are the milks that correspond to each stage once the complementary feeding has started?

Continuation milk

Follow-up milk will be the most recommended after six

One of the best known milks is that of continuation. This is intended for those babies from six months of age, as it will be part of a diversified diet when they are ready to consume their first solid foods. Even so, it should not be forgotten that the pediatrician any questions you have. He will be the one who will advise you which is the best choice. At that age, milk will continue to play a fundamental role in their development. What’s more, It will provide minerals, as well as calcium and vitamins and, above all, B12.

Growth milk

For its part, growth milk or stage 3 is one of the products known as ‘infant milk preparation’ and which is especially recommended for those children between one and three years. It is usually used to prepare the child to start with the cow. Therefore, it has components of both such as minerals and proteins.

Special milks

Special milks will be recommended for those children with allergies.

Special milks will be recommended for those children with

The special milks They have a different composition than the previous ones, since they can only be used in children in certain situations and they can only be administered under medical supervision. Within the specials, we can meet those protein hydrolysates that are manufactured for infants suffering from any type of allergy or intolerance to cow’s milk. This anomaly will have to be previously detected by a specialist who will be the one who will prescribe this product, which has different proteins that prevent this allergic reaction from being triggered. Also, we can find the lactose free milk which will be indicated for those babies who are lactose intolerant.

Anti-regurgitation milk

The anti-regurgitation milk It will be ideal to control the regurgitation of babies from six months of age, but they will not prevent reflux. It contains vitamins and minerals that are adequate for its development and also it will have to be prescribed by a specialist. Therefore, it will be very important to choose a good milk to cover all the needs of the little one.

Still, it will be very important to speak with your specialist to find out what type of milk to provide.

Still, it will be very important to speak with your specialist to find out what type of milk to

The role of the pediatrician will be very important to detect the different changes in its development and growth. In this way, the pediatrician will play a fundamental role, since it will be the one who carries a exhaustive control of your weight, height and any other type of anomaly.


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