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“I am a soccer coach, I am not a magician,” he said. Angel Comizzotechnician academic on the eve of the debut in the Copa Libertadores. The words did not go down well with the cream fan, especially because the Argentine strategist had bad results and his team was not convincing. However, the ‘Indio’ changed his slate and has given life to the student team in the Copa Libertadores and Liga 1. Something unthinkable weeks ago.

For rivals, play against ‘U’ it was a familiar test. There was nothing new: 4-2-3-1. Since last year, Comizzo insisted on that system, but his team did not respond. What’s more, it wore down players like Alberto quintero I had to do the tour of the whole band. Round trip. Thus it was impossible to see the best version of the Panamanian.

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Not to mention the strikers. So much Enzo Gutiérrez as Alexander Valera they had to wait for some center or genius from Hernán Novick to have scoring chances. The attackers ended up outside the area trying to gain prominence in the game. In defense, when the full-backs went to attack they always left a perfect void for the rivals.

Then the changes came. Everything from scratch. New system and responsibilities for each player. Comizzo he understood that it was time to turn the page. This for a technician is a complicated decision, it is not easy to assimilate that your idea no longer works. What’s more, on other occasions, there are coaches who end up taking a step to the side.


Defeat against Palmeiras, defeated against Defense and Justice and Independiente del Valle. academic it was on the canvas. The forecasts said that another Peruvian embarrassment was coming in the Copa Libertadores. Until 4-5-1 went to 5-3-2 and the results began to arrive.

First it was a 1-1 draw against Defensa y Justicia and then a great 3-2 victory over Independiente del Valle at the Monumetal. In these two encounters, Comizzo left in the bank Novick, team figure. But this is explained as follows.

In League 1 Novick has that freedom that the Cup does not allow because it is played at a different pace. The cream team loses clarity without the Uruguayan, but gains pressure and vertigo with three brand steering wheels: Alfageme, Guarderas and Barreto. The last two give the ‘U’ that clean exit and go to the wings or attackers.

In the image you can see the pressure of the 'U' against Independiente del Valle.
In the image you can see the pressure of the ‘U’ against Independiente del Valle.

It is true that this system still needs to be improved because after the 1-0 in favor of the Ecuadorian team, academic he suffered a lot when his opponent handles the ball from one side to the other, or when there was a game change. And it is that, with this new system, the creams leave the center of the field as a free way to prioritize high pressure and reduce the opponent’s spaces. With the passing of the games, that idea would have to be better established. Pending task for Comizzo.


With this new system, Alberto quintero is the most benefited. The Panamanian no longer has that responsibility of going from area to area. Now he is only dedicated to pressing the opponent’s exits and attacking. That is why we see him running the whole game. We are seeing, without a doubt, the best version of the attacker who is no longer an extreme: he pulls marks, recovers, generates errors from rivals and even assists.

But it is not the only beneficiary of these changes. As we put it above, Aldo Corzo has more freedom to go on the attack. You know you have companions who can cover your area. Thus came the first goal of the cream team. Right in the best moment of his rival.

Thus began the play of the first goal of Universitario.
Thus began the play of the first goal of Universitario.

academic it was being dominated by Independiente. Until the goal of Valera. That play is born from the cream area. While trying to attract the pressure of the rival, Guarderas and Barreto were shown as a safe pass option. In the end the pass went to the cream number 13 who spins very well throwing a long pass to Corzo who, together with Valverde, are already wide open at the ends.

University has both sides wide open.  Corzo is Barreto's pass option.  Valera always attentive to the play.
University has both sides wide open. Corzo is Barreto’s pass option. Valera always attentive to the play.

Perfect slate for Comizzo: superiority in exit (5 against 3), amplitude in attack leaving 5 rival defenses fixing 3 cream players and leaving free Quintero as a possible surprise attack.

For the first goal it is necessary to highlight Valera’s movements. When he passed out, the forward was located between two defenses to generate confusion between both rivals who were not clear who was with the cream attacker. Valera the mark is removed with a small movement and sent to save.


“Barreto, shorter, shorter”, “Barrero do not wait back”, “Barreto press, press”, repeated and repeated Comizzo until Barreto and all the cream players listened. Independiente was no longer that team that could come out playing fair and it was difficult for them to get those long passes. Thus came the second goal of academic.

University high pressure that generates the second cream goal.
University high pressure that generates the second cream goal.

academic came out to press the exit of Independent of the Valley getting Barreto to recover a ball close to the Ecuadorian area. The pass was left to Quintero who surpasses his mark to get a powerful shot. Here again Valera was attentive to the entire play. He never ignored and followed the ball until he found the goalkeeper’s rebound to score the second cream goal.

The third goal is also a product of the good work of the week. It was known that Independiente defended set pieces in a zone. So the defenders had to be distracted to try to destabilize them. The movements right at the launch of Quintero are vital: Barreto makes a little twist, Alonso comes running from behind and Corzo he gently pushes his rival who ends up worrying about what the Uruguayan central defender could do.

So he won academic who arrives alive on the last date of the Liberators cup looking for his pass to the South American Cup. Something that no one had thought of a few weeks ago. Changes always come in handy, Comizzo did not leave, but that system that no longer worked.

Table of Group A of the Copa Libertadores.
Table of Group A of the Copa Libertadores.


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