Panama reactivates its diplomacy and bets on a new international position

The chancellor from Panama, Erika Mouynes, has the firm purpose from sanitize and enhance the international position of the country, for which, among other measures, it has reactivated direct diplomacy still in a pandemic with a series of trips that will take him to Ecuador, Spain, Belgium and Costa Rica.

Immersed Panama “in a situation very positive as for the forecast” from pandemic, Mouynes, as he explained in an interview with EFE, is preparing to make his first trips in the next few days since on December 2, 2020, he assumed the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs in the middle of the second wave of COVID-19 infections in his country.

The Panamanian Minister wants offer to international community a country of “safe investments“committed to the”financial transparency“, the “defending of environment“and” calm mediation “in regional conflicts and in problems such as migration.

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To do this, he has baptized your plan diplomatic with the name of “Mission Panama“which embodies a team destined a sanitize, strengthen and adjust to reality la international image of country “through a forum, media and public relations strategy.”

“We are seeking – said the minister – to change a harmful dynamic of a narrative that we have been dragging, really through someone else’s fault”, in which Panama has been identified as a country “in which fraud companies are installed.”

The Gestion from Mouynes seeks “romper with that image and show a Panama very different, extremely engaged with the highest standards of transparency “.

“From an objective point of view,” based on the analysis of specialized international financial organizations and entities, Panama is not among the countries that host this type of company; “Not even 1 percent of the companies established in Panama are offshore,” said the foreign minister.

“We are a country,” he explained, “that seeks good and respected investments, managed in a transparent manner.”

Mouynes is also immersed in the homework what I know recognize Panama What world leader, and so it stays, in the defending of environment, being one of the only three countries in the world carbon negative.

Another of the areas in which Panama tries to exercise prominence international is in that of solutions at migrations on Latin America, having become a place where thousands of extracontinental people are stranded in their transit from South America to the United States.

In the first place, said the Panamanian Foreign Minister, “we have to to sit to all actors on the table, from EUnited States, which is the main objective that these people seek, but also to the countries of South America what do you get migrations and they let them out “towards him North.

“Our second line of work is directly with Colombia,” said Mouynes, explaining that Panama has so far not achieved the same and as effective collaboration with that country as with its other neighbor, Costa Rica, in terms of migrant transit.

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“After almost a year,” said Mouynes, “(..) in which we have not been allowed to travel, we resume the trips and the direct encounter, which are so necessary “with a”first trip” a Ecuador to attend the taking from possession of the new president of that country, Guillermo Lasso, the next May 24.

“We are already articulating,” he advanced, meetings with all the foreign ministers, not only in the region, “which will be” very valuable meetings “after so many months of confinement limited to” telephone conversations. “

In the First days from June, Mouynes will travel a Costa Rica to attend a summit of the countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA), to which the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has been exceptionally invited.

Later, in the same month, the Panamanian minister announced that will go to Spain, where “we have a agreement from political dialogue pending signature “and where” we look strengthen lyou links”.

“From there,” he continued, “we will Brussels, to meet with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Spanish Josep Borrell “.

The objective of this visit is “strengthen our strategic position with partners as the European Union“and to specify the participation of Panama as a Latin American headquarters of the Copernicus Program of the European Space Agency (ESA, for its acronym in English) for satellite observation of the Earth.


Refering to situation from the pandemia ongoing, the Panamanian Foreign Minister congratulated that in her country “they have diminished considerably the cases” from covid19 and the deaths “how answer to a strategy comprehensive care in hospitals, traceability Y tests (detection) constants “

“We are in a very positive situation in terms of prognosis, especially because – he considered – we already have the vaccines.”

“We have given him the vresounding return to pandemicay today with clear numbers we are focusing on the rrecovery economical“, he assured. EFE

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