Nevado, Fitur's stewardess rejected because the company that hired her did not have uniforms of her size

Beauty standards and clothing sizes have become one of the most contentious topics on social media. The last to suffer the consequences of the regulations has been Alba Nevado, a lover of the performing arts who has been rejected for a job for not meeting stipulated clothing sizes.

Alba is also an actress, author and director of the play The dead hours which, just a couple of months ago, was performed at the OFF Latina room in Madrid. But, of course, the young woman also wants to earn a living with jobs that help her get ahead. A) Yes, prepared to be one of the hostesses of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) which took place at the Ifema in Madrid and ended on Sunday.

Her experience with Best Way, the company that hired her, has gone viral on the networks because, as she herself explained, the situation has been impressive: “In the middle of the year 2021 and being a time marked by the supposed learning of the human being after the experience of the pandemic, I have been rejected because of my size and weight. “Fortunately, we were going to be better out of this health crisis …

Alba was rejected at work because the uniform did not fit her. The clothes were one size fits all, and although she was perfectly qualified for the task, as she wears a 46, there was no choice. “I had been hired as a hostess to be at FITUR. I had the training and they gave me a one size fits all uniform. When I got home I tried it on and it wasn’t right“Alba explains, devastated, at the beginning of the video she has shared on her Instagram profile.

When communicating his situation to those responsible for the brand, they told him that they could offer you, at most, a size 42 or you could go to work in a black suit. The next day, Alba went to work an hour in advance, interested in solving the situation as soon as possible, but when they saw her, those responsible they referred to her as “the one with the problem”. “As if having a size 46 was a problem,” sums up the young woman.

Of course, the size 42 that they offered did not fit him well. As a second option, they gave him a men’s trousers “which, since it’s bigger, may be fine for me, but not either.” Later, those responsible went to look at more carvings, but there were none. “They told me that they are very sorry, but that They send me home because I can’t work without a uniform. Like the problem is mine“Let’s remember, from this one, we were going to come out better …

The young woman has denounced that this situation she has had to live is not fair, since she is qualified for employment: “As if my image were the only thing that would serve to work in a position for which I know I am valid enough”. In addition, Alba adds: “As I do not fit into the beauty canon that we know today, they do not have a size for me, therefore, I cannot work.”

Alba did not hesitate to share the video, which she recorded as soon as she left the fairgrounds: “You feel like shit when you don’t have the problem. My problem is not having a size 46My problem is that people who offer a job, knowing my size, are not prepared to assume that they have to have a uniform of that size to be able to work. “

The impact of the video has been so great that even those responsible for Best Way have contacted Alba to apologize to her. In a second clip, the young woman explains that both FITUR and Ifema apologized to her, although she points out: “In the end, they did not hire me and they are being indirectly affected.” He also told that Best Way called her and they apologized for “such an unpleasant moment“.

According to Alba, the company has tried to find a solution: “They have offered me to join me with a different uniform that could be worth a position in which the fact of not being equally uniformed would not attract so much attentionThis is due to the uniformity protocol that most companies have and I have been a participant “.

However, the young woman has rejected the offer because she does not feel in good physical and psychological condition to work in front of the public. Best Way has added that the lack of a uniform of its size was due to the “manufacturing and budget shortages regarding the uniform. All this, derived from the crisis of the pandemic. “As she says, at least they have left her” the doors open of her agency to return.


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