Emma Stone: "'Cruella' is the darkest thing a Disney movie has been in a long time"

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Of all the villains of Disney, the one that is most difficult to generate sympathy is Cruella de Vil. In fact, his story is so complex, that in “Descendants”, the film about the heirs of some of the company’s most evil characters, he is the only one that does not have a twist in his personality: he is still cruel , greedy, lousy friend and only likes animals turned into fur coats. What Cruella has been chosen to star in a new film from Micky Mouse’s factory attracted attention, but the end result is even more surprising. With Emma Stone and Emma Thompson in the starring roles, the film is not only visually stunning – as noted in the trailer – it is also witty and fun.

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During the press conference for the launch of “Cruella”, Emma Stone, who is also the producer of this film, stressed that it was a challenge to land the story of Cruella de Vil to give her a past that “makes sense”, that “does not feel forced ”and that, at the same time, has the elements to become“ a good movie ”. It was after a six-year process that the final idea was reached: a young woman named Estella was born in England in the 70s with a problem and a gift: she cannot control an impulse that leads her to do things she does not want to, but at the same time he has a unique creativity for fashion design. When her mother takes her to London to develop her talent, a character appears who will become central in her life: Baroness Von Hellman (Emma Thompson). So far we have the plot of a typical fairy tale, but, as Stone says, “‘Cruella’ is the darkest thing a Disney movie has been in a long time,” and the clash between Estella, later turned into Cruella , and Baroness Von Hellman will be a war without quarter.

Baroness Von Hellman, Cruella's nemesis played by Emma Thompson.  (Photo: Disney)
Baroness Von Hellman, Cruella’s nemesis played by Emma Thompson. (Photo: Disney)

Cruella is not an aspirational character, but I like that she really embraces her creativity and identity in such a strong way.“Stone explained about the challenges of playing her first villain, although the actress is convinced that no character or person is essentially bad. “I think I couldn’t play a character if I really thought that he was completely bad or that he was just a villain. I don’t think any person we consider bad goes around the world believing that they are. They think they are correct. They do not go through life walking saying: ‘how bad I am’. It would not make sense and you could not apply that idea to the interpretation of a human being, perhaps yes to that of a robot, ”said the 32-year-old actress.


The interactions between the baroness and Estella will recall those of Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) and Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) in “The Devil Wears Fashion”, but they will even become more intense, because here no one will give in to find a life “more normal”. In “Cruella”, both want greatness and that will make the film become a catwalk for their inventions. And while these confrontations to see who is the best designer will leave several scenes to remember, there are two that Emma Stone has among her favorites.

The first of them – so far not revealed in the trailers – occurs in a garbage truck, from where Cruella appears to ruin one of the Baroness’ parades. “That ‘outfit’ was phenomenal, because it’s something you would never really wear in real life,” said Stone, whose second favorite movie moment is when Cruella arrives at one of Von Hellman’s galas and prevents her from leaving her car climbing into it with one of the most striking designs of the British Jenny Beavan, responsible for the costume design of this film.

This is one of Emma Stone’s favorite “Cruella” designs. (Photo: Broadcast)

“It was another epic moment. I had to try to walk to the car in that dress and then completely cover it up with the twist of that fala. It was fantastic. It’s one of those moments where you say to yourself: ok, I’m in a movie right now, because there’s no way this could happen to me any other way, ‘”Stone said.


But the film is not only sustained in the creative confrontation between Estella / Cruella and Von Hellman, there is a past that unites them and that will produce some highly emotional moments, which are those that Stone considers most challenging, and at the same time exciting, such as actress.

“When you know that you have a very important scene to shoot, one that requires a lot of emotion, that you know will be decisive for the story to advance, you feel a lot of pressure, because you can only film it that day. No matter how tired you are or how you are feeling, if you have to do that scene, that will be the one that remains. That’s why for me the nights before an important scene tend to be sleepless nights. It’s a challenge, but I love it, ”she explained about the process that connects her to acting.

“The more present you are at the scene, the less nervous you feel. That is why I am an actress. I am a very anxious person and I discovered that the moment when I am most present is when I have to improvise, do a comedy or theater, because you don’t have time to think about anything else that might worry you. You have to be in the moment. And the more present you are, the less nervous you feel. I think that is the great gift of acting, “he said.

Trailer of "Cruella" with Emma Stone.  (Source: Disney)
Trailer of “Cruella” with Emma Stone. (Source: Disney)


Synopsis: Set in 1970s London and in the midst of the punk rock revolution, “Cruella” follows a young con artist named Estella, a smart and creative girl determined to make a name for herself in fashion with her clothing designs. When she befriends a pair of young thieves who appreciate her appetite for mischief, together they manage to build a life on the streets of London. One day, Estella’s talent catches the eye of Baroness von Hellman, the terrifyingly elegant and sophisticated fashion legend played by Emma Thompson. But their relationship sets in motion a course of events and revelations that will see Estella embrace her wicked side and become the dissonant, edgy, and revenge-hungry Cruella.

List: Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Mark Strong, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel Fry, Jamie Demetriou.

Director: Craig Gillespie.

Duration: 2 hours and 14 minutes.

Platform: Disney Plus.

Release date: Friday, May 28.


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