Seven months after the current public administration of Saltillo, the commissioner of Security and Citizen Protection of the municipality, Federico Fernández, He said that whoever heads the next administration should continue to operate the citizen security committees project through WhatsApp.

Fernández recalled that this project was born with the generation of a diagnosis that was made as soon as the administration of Manolo Jiménez Salinas, where, among other things, citizens expressed a significant level of distrust in the Municipal Police.

“So we started working on a policy that would lead us to comply with the premise. The premise is that security is everyone’s concern, and not that citizens do it on their own and the police do it on their own ”, express.

Hence the idea was born. And it was in 2018 that 100 people from strategic zones and areas of the city they protested as citizens representing the citizen security committees. But then the idea was to bring together 900 more, that is, a thousand people agreed with the project.

These sectors, says Federico Fernández, considered concentrating security surveillance, for example, in schools, towards business chambers, highly populated areas, but also residential ones.

“That is how we progressed, and we held meetings with many people. In 2018 we finished with 15 thousand, and it was then that we began to set rules in the groups ”, andxpresó.

In that sense, Fernandez Montanez It details that these groups were gradually growing, since in 2019 there were 30 thousand registrations and in 2020 there were more than 40 thousand people integrating the groups.

To date there are more than 66 thousand people who were admitted to these groups where the commissioner himself is also added, and it is projected that by the end of the administration, it could range between 70 and 80 thousand records of people who make up these groups.

“This is a new model, that we had no way to ask someone. The next administration will have to make its own diagnosis as we did. Whichever it is, you will find out in our delivery-receipt process how big this network is. He will have to choose whether to continue and if he does not, find an alternative for these 66 thousand citizens ”, express.

On issues of people’s safety, Federico Fernández says that reports can be made in private, or made through the application “Saltillo Seguro”.

Both in the application and in the WhatsApp groups, so far this year 7,862 reports have been received, of which the 85 percent are from the groups, and so far in the project, both applications have received 100 thousand 487 reports.

Among the observations on these 450 WhatsApp groups, It has also been said that this model would struggle to render data and reports, but also to concentrate the entire population of Saltillo.

In that aspect, Federico says that it was never intended that the project would house the entire population that resides in Saltillo, but rather make networks of groups and strategic places with demands on the subject, and on this, he asserted that even if the project can grow, the attention resource will have to be strengthened in the immediate future.

Regarding this, he explained that the Mirasierra even has 12 WhatsApp groups, since the population density is quite wide.

“As I said, this was intended for a thousand citizens. But we did not prohibit anyone from entering, only in this way it grew and grew. But if you ask us if the project is ready to accept a million people, I would say no. It is a matter of strategies: we have groups of women runners, a group with Canirac, and groups to the east of the city ”, express.

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