AFP 4 UIT Withdrawal: How and when will the requested contributions be disbursed?

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) approved this Wednesday the operating regulations so that members of the AFP can make the voluntary withdrawal of up to S / 17,600 or four tributary tax units (UIT) from your pension fund. This entire process has a schedule of deadlines and dates.

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The Law 31192 was created to alleviate the family economy that has been affected by the pandemic of COVID-19. According to SBS Resolution Nº 01484-2021, published this Wednesday in the newspaper El Peruano to regulate the norm, the requests to access the AFP withdrawal it can be started from the Thursday, May 27.

After the issuance of the regulation, the AFPs will have a period of 8 days to adapt their systems and start receiving applications. As detailed by the SBS, each AFP will be responsible for disseminating and establishing the mechanisms to guarantee adequate channels of attention for the requests of its affiliates. For this, they must offer platforms that support the registration of requests in terms of terms and access capacity, as well as other minimum standards that allow the optimal performance of the procedure.

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Who can apply for the AFP withdrawal?

All people affiliated with the Private Pension System (SPP) can apply for this benefit, “except for those who qualify to access the Early Retirement Scheme due to Unemployment”(REJA), details the SBS in an informative tweet.

For this, the AFP will verify the affiliate’s income from April 2020 to March 2021, a calculation in which it will have a cut-off date of April 30 of this year. In this way, the AFPs will be the entities responsible for determining whether or not an affiliate qualifies for retirement.

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What happens to Peruvians living abroad?

On the other hand, the AFPs will also be responsible for establishing communication protocols for members who reside abroad or are physically disabled to carry out the procedure in a conventional way. Therefore, these entities must enable channels and formats that facilitate the withdrawal request in these cases.

The AFPs will also be responsible for carrying out judicial or conventional retention only with respect to those pronouncements derived from alimony debts, up to a maximum of 30% of the amount withdrawn in each set.

What is the deadline for accessing the AFP withdrawal?

This benefit will not be permanent, but has a term. The affiliates will have 90 calendar days to present the withdrawal request to their AFPs. This can be done only once from the beginning of the requests until August 24 of this year.

What is the schedule that the AFPs will follow?

Each AFP will be responsible for informing its members about the methods and deadlines to follow for the withdrawal of funds. For the soon. the AFP Integra, Before Y Habitat coincide in a schedule ordered by the last digit of the DNI:

Last digit of the DNI Dates
0, letter or other May 27 – May 28
1 May 31 – June 1
2 June 2 – June 3
3 June 4 – June 7
4 June 8 – June 9
5 June 10 – June 11
6 June 14 – June 15
7 June 16 – June 17
8 June 18 – June 21
9 June 22 – June 23

In most cases, the same schedule and procedure applies to affiliates living abroad. However, it is better to carry out the corresponding verification with the AFP in which you are affiliated.

How will the withdrawals be made?

The funds will be delivered according to the following:

Disbursements Deadlines
First disbursement of up to 1 UIT Within a maximum period of 30 calendar days, counted from the date the request was submitted to the AFP.
Second disbursement of up to 1 UIT Within a maximum period of 30 calendar days, counted from the date of the first disbursement by the AFP.
Third disbursement for the remainder of the requested amount up to 2 UIT Within a maximum period of 30 calendar days, counted from the date of the second disbursement by the AFP.

For this type of procedure, it is important to bear in mind the value of the FROM To be taken into account for the optional withdrawal is the one that is in force on the date of submission of the request by the affiliate to the AFP. For the 2021 period, the value of the ITU is equivalent to S / 4,400.

According to the criteria of

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Procedure to withdraw the AFP



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