Watch out for the marathon days

They do not reach 30. They hardly pay rent to be able to live away from home. Many share a flat and the most adventurous have taken the step of getting married and having their first child knowing that reconcile it will be unfinished business for a few years.

Many of the young employees of large consulting firms, law firms or financial corporations live by and for work. With telecommuting his dedication has become almost a religion. It can not disconnect the computer. The working hours are eternal and poor for those who complain. If the boss writes, whatever time it is, you have to answer. So they live glued to their phones.

A few months ago, Goldman Sachs employees wrote a letter denouncing marathon days of more than 95 hours per week. They asked for a bit of sanity, to be able to have more time for themselves and they bet on 80 hours a week, 80! Double what is legally established, but it is that only with that, with double what is legal, they thought what would they win in quality of life. In Spain, the workers of the Ernst and Young consultancy also denounced concentrating the work of two in one week, days of more than 84 hours a week. The company claimed that they were specific cases, caused by the pandemic.

“We all pursue dreams when we start our careers, but everything has a price”

A few days ago a girl who belongs to this profile of workers told me how some colleagues, before the pandemic, had assumed it was normal to put their children to bed for video call. Yes, through the phone or computer, they said good night to their offspring, those they had not seen all day and, with a bit of luck, the next day they could kiss on the fly before running off for the office and lock himself in front of the computer for the rest of the day.

Well, the WHO has warned of the cost of this type of strenuous work. Exceeding 55 hours per week increases the chances of suffering a stroke by 35% compared to those who do 40-hour workdays and up to 17% the possibility of suffering a heart attack. To the stress of his works adds the lack of exercise, a lousy diet (You eat what you can and when you can, most of the time a sandwich from the machine in front of the computer) and a highly competitive environment.

“Exceeding 55 hours a week increases the chance of having a heart attack by 17%”

Many throw in the towel: that rhythm, for life, is unacceptable, and not even in the best of cases do they end up achieving the dreams that were raised when they entered those big enterprises. Fresh out of college, signing for those companies was the jackpot. Until it became a trap.

We have all pursued dreams when we were starting to build our careers. Sacrificing vacations, holidays, working overtime when he played was part of the process. But everything has a price. Disconnect, when it touches, it is necessary.


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