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The first days of 2021 were a nightmare for the Peruvian citizen Gladys Iraola. Got infected with COVID-19 in the middle of the rise of the second wave and what at first seemed like a simple flu, turned into an ordeal of almost a month, with hospitalization and oxygen in between. “For a moment I felt that I was going to die”Gladys tells by phone. “I was terribly afraid every night. I couldn’t sleep, my chest hurt a lot … Fortunately, the days went by and I was able to recover “, Add.

After that experience, what Gladys most wanted was for the vaccines to arrive in the country to protect herself from the coronavirus and not relapse again, as has been seen in many cases, even with devastating consequences. But seeing that his age group (between 40 and 50) still has a few more months to come, he began to look for the possibility of getting vaccinated abroad. A couple of weeks ago, a friend told her about ‘Vaccine Travel’, the first vaccine tourism agency in Peru, and after making inquiries and inquiries about the service, he did not hesitate to take it.

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These days, Gladys is in Miami waiting to receive the second dose of Pfizer. For this trip, he practically did not have to worry about anything: the agency obtained tickets for his flight, made his appointment to apply the vaccine and separated a lodging near his vaccination center. I only had to have a valid visa. “They fixed the most important thing for me, which was a huge relief. When I went to receive my first dose, everything went quickly and normally. If I have any questions, the agency is always available to help me “, he comments.

Image sent by our source in Miami on the day of your vaccination.
Image sent by our source in Miami on the day of your vaccination.

According to the Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (APAVIT), about 40,000 compatriots have traveled to the United States so far this year to get vaccinated against the COVID-19. “Having access to just the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine was very limited. It made the tourist have to stay a month in the United States, since the second dose reached 21 or 28 days. That is why our most popular packages offered a 35-day stay. Now, with the addition of the Janssen vaccine (from Johnson & Johnson), it becomes more affordable to get a flight and an appointment “, says Juan Víctor Sáenz, managing partner of the platform.

Through Vacuna Travel the appointment is coordinated, preferably in the pharmacy chain Publix, Food & Pharmacy.
Through Vacuna Travel the appointment is coordinated, preferably in the pharmacy chain Publix, Food & Pharmacy.

As Gladys Iraola told, The agency offers travel packages to the United States, which include airfare, accommodation and the coordination of the appointment for the vaccination against COVID-19.Sáenz affirms that the entire operation is carried out respecting the legal framework. In that sense, it recommends immunization in Florida (which joined the states that allow access to doses for tourists) applying the only dose from laboratories Johnson & Johnson. “It is the most profitable option because the tickets are the cheapest. Also, in Florida you can choose between staying in Miami if you want beaches or in Orlando if you want to visit Disney “, Add.

Juan Victor maintains that Through ‘Vacuna Travel’ the flight and the coordination of the appointment (preferably in the pharmacy chain Publix, Food & Pharmacy) would have a cost of approximately US $ 1,100 in cash, or a payment of twelve installments of US $ 110. This figure may vary depending on the demand for flights to the United States. Our service is intended for the young public, which actually represents more than 50% of the national population, because it must be taken into account that Peru is a clearly young country. More than 1 in 3 Peruvian older adults have already been vaccinated, and it is good news. Thus, it seems ideal to us that young people with a visa and the possibility of traveling can be immunized “, concludes.


On ‘Vaccine Travel’ they considered it necessary to trace those compatriots who had been vaccinated through the agency. Juan Patricio Marroquín, a software engineer and partner of the platform, created an artificial intelligence system that allows people to be followed after their immunization. To do this, he reviewed statistics, contacted medical specialists and programmed a chatbot that provides online assistance.

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After receiving the corresponding dose of vaccine, the traveler will be able to connect through the Facebook Messenger of ‘Vacuna Travel’ and talk with the chatbot about how they are carrying out their process. This AI will ask you a series of questions, which vary according to user responses and allow you to monitor your evolution. “The AI ​​reacts dynamically to the responses of the person. You can come up with five questions, but if the client is feeling discomfort, they can come up with more than twenty-five questions. The idea is that we are there, present, before any eventuality “, ends Juan Patricio. //


For more information and advice on how to travel to the United States to be vaccinated against Covid-19, go to Or also through 902 875 820 or e-mail: [email protected]


COVID-19: WHO expects widespread vaccination in mid-2021
COVID-19: WHO expects widespread vaccination in mid-2021



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