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  • Sara Sálamo shows her opinion on some current issues on her social networks

  • The actress exploded on May 9 against the agglomerations that formed on the occasion of the end of the state of alarm

  • In this last year marked by the pandemic, the writer has raised her voice against everything she considered unfair

Several Spanish cities such as Madrid or Barcelona experienced an early morning full of crowds and bottles in their main streets and squares on May 9 after the state of alarm fell. Thousands of people took to the streets of the capital to celebrate the end of the curfew and squares like Chueca or Malasaña were photographed with thousands of young people consuming alcohol in groups of more than six people and without keeping the minimum interpersonal distance. A relaxation of restrictions and a lack of individual responsibility that caused the anger of the majority of the population, who showed their indignation on social networks at the images that the night was leaving. Among some of our celebrities, Sara Sálamo, who did not understand what people were celebrating.

“Celebrate the end of measures that tried to protect us all from a deadly disease. For me it is the equivalent of celebrating the removal of road safety regulations shouting: ‘Freedom! That they remove the recommendation of the belt and the traffic lights … FREEDOM ”, compared what was being lived with this example. “You will call it ‘pandemic fatigue’, I call it ‘you are some manual scoundrels”, broke out in another tweet. “My grandmother still does not know my four-month-old son, as a precaution. He hasn’t even got the second dose yet. But, hey, the right to get drunk and blow up public furniture that is not taken from you ”, he fiercely criticized this attitude towards the pandemic.

This is Piero, the second child in common of Sara and Isco

Just a day before, the actress had already denounced through the same medium that chaos could come without this exceptional regime. “I’m fried because the end of the pandemic has come, but not the end of the state of alarm (without being 100% vaccinated). If some were already doing and undoing with restrictions, inventing medical or cosmetic appointments to travel or falsifying safe-conducts, we will see now… ”, he predicted the worst.

And it is that Sálamo cannot repress his anger when people jump to the bullfighting measures or do not give importance to this disease, which has already registered 80 thousand deaths in our country according to official accounts. For example, on August 16, the Plaza de Colón in Madrid brought together several hundred people who protested against the use of masks and the restrictions imposed by the Government to prevent the spread of the virus. “As the ‘pandemic is a sham’, according to the attendees at the demonstration, I propose that they make a list with their names and ID’s. And in the event that they become infected (which will not happen according to them) they are not treated in any hospital ”, he launched this harsh proposal against the deniers.

Isco Alarcón could not attend the ultrasounds of his second son due to the measurements

A short time later, in October of the same year, the interpreter of ‘Brigada Costa del Sol’ criticized on her Instagram account that her husband could not go to the hospital with her to see the ultrasound of their second child, but the rules allowed him go to a bar and surround yourself with people if you wanted. “I want to make this claim because that is how I have felt during much of my pregnancy,” shared the reflection of another pregnant woman who spoke about this injustice. “Totally agree. My partner has not been able to see his own baby on many ultrasounds, but in some clubs they spat Jäggermeister at each other ”, he complained about this unusual situation.


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