What should really interest us about the arms of Queen Letizia

Those shoulders powerful, those trceps firm (no trace of ‘flapping’) and those solid bceps with which each handshake frames, are, in themselves, a healthy moral.

The Kings of Spain, during the presentation of the new image of IFEMA.JMCadenas

They are a real lesson in anatomy. Strong, marked and frreos, the arms of Queen Letizia seem sculpted in marble. However, beyond mere gossip or frivolous aesthetic appraisal (on tastes …), those shoulders powerful, those trceps firm (no trace of ‘flapping’ in the salute) and those solid bceps with which he frames each handshake, contain a moral that, at this point, some still insist on not wanting to listen: the importance of include strength routines in our lives, especially, from a certain (40 years?) age for a health issue.

“Physical exercise should never have a merely aesthetic objective. It is important to train every part of the body to achieve improve our health, prevent chronic diseases and extend life expectancy. In short, sport and, above all, strength work is essential and vital for the human body “, says Patricia Puente, personal trainer at David Lloyd Club Aravaca (Madrid).

The question is, how can we tone our arms to ensure their performance and anatomical longevity (that is, so that they ‘give us good service’ in our daily lives for as long as possible) and, incidentally, look strong and healthy? “If what we want is to define / mark, we must train strength and along with good cardiovascular work, in order to hypertrophy the muscle (gain muscle mass) and lose fat, which will make them look beautiful and “toned” aesthetically.

How old are we going to condition us in this mission? “There is no doubt that age is an important factor when training -said Puente-, but nothing is impossible. The fundamental thing is to get generate the training habit and seek the maximum evolution and personal performance within the limits set by the genetics of each one. Comparisons are not good. You have to try to get the best out of yourself. “

Patricia Puente gives us the guidelines to achieve this: “The first step would be to have the supervision of a health and sports professional (personal trainer) to plan a tailored workout routine, based on our age, gender, goals, etc “.

It is also very important to “learn to listen to our body, knowing what you need at all times and letting you rest if necessary“And, obviously,” the alimentacin it plays an essential role (without ‘adequate fuel’ there is no possibility of building good muscle mass) in your physical evolution. “


What is the best way to work them? This David Lloyd Club Aravaca coach leaves us in doubt: “There is no single ideal way to do it. The ideal is a combination of strength exercises to be done with elastic bands, with free weight or with our own body weight“.

These are some of the simplest exercises that we can perform with each of the three options mentioned by Puente:

With rubbers: “By stepping on the rubber with one foot and grasping it by both ends, we carry out an elbow flexion preventing the shoulder from moving. In this way, we will work the bceps (front of the arm) “.

“Hooking the rubber in a low point of a column (for example), we take the other end and with a hip flexion and keeping the shoulder static, we carry out an elbow extension where we will work the trceps (back of arm) “.

“By stepping on the rubber right in the middle and grasping the ends with both hands, we can perform lifts of shoulder both frontal and lateral, seeking to work the strength in the rotator cuff “.

With weight: “With dumbbells or pulleys, we can work both bceps like trceps, performing that elbow flexion or that extension of the same “.

In addition, in the same way, we can do frontal and lateral elevations to work the shoulder with a dumbbell in each hand. “

With the weight of our own body: “We can do triceps dips: lying on our stomach, hands placed under our shoulders, we lower our chest towards the ground, sticking our elbows to our ribs. back of the triceps“.

“If, instead, we want to influence a little more in the shoulders, we will do this fund by flexing the elbows looking for the work of the supinator muscle of the shoulder “.

To open your mouth, it is not bad but, as we always advise at ZEN, there is no better start than put yourself in the hands of a professional in physical activity and sports. That and not compare ourselves or aspire to have anyone’s physique, no matter how desirable it may seem.

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