Today is a big day for Google, perhaps the most important of the year, and although the star will be Android 12, the company has taken the opportunity to comment on news about its main technologies and services. Among them one of the crown jewels, Google Maps, which will soon increase the level of information on our routes and maps.

Some of them go beyond some of the most recent developments, such as navigation with augmented reality, although the official announcement of the pedestrian crossings on the maps has especially stood out. A new set of functions that leaves us with the promise of a much more versatile and detailed app / service, even considering what to highlight according to the time.

Being able to plan the route almost step by step

Those of Mountain View pull artificial intelligence to develop part of these new functions, as they explain. In this novelty that we highlighted at the beginning about visualizing pedestrian crossings, islands and other elements for pedestrians, the AI ​​also intervenes, although what stands out here is that Google announces that will reach 50 more cities in 2021.

With this novelty, Google Maps will show more accurate street information, such as the width of a scale road next to crosswalks, sidewalks, or pedestrian islands. The company hopes that it will be useful to all pedestrians, especially those who use a wheelchair, so that they can plan a route ensuring access.

What they have focused on in the latest updates has been that it can be a global tool, taking into account aspects such as the fact that zebra crossings are not indicated in the same way in each country. It will be necessary to see if it is as detailed as they promise, of course it would be very useful if it works well.

We do not know yet what they will be, but it will no longer be limited to London, San Francisco and New York. Among the examples that the house comments on is Madrid (we will see if this is a wink), but there is still no information on whether any of those cities will be in Europe or Latin America.

Avoid crowded places and locate coffee shop at a glance

As for the novelties in augmented reality, Google Maps will take the indications that are already in operation further, including clearer indicators of the points that interest us, our hotel or even directions inside the buildings. Maps will also release Area Busyness, a function aimed at allowing us to know which areas of a city are the most crowded at any given time.

Google MapsGoogle Maps

Also, taking into account the time of day Google Maps will highlight one type of business or others. For example, cafes for breakfast or restaurants for dinner or lunch.

Google MapsGoogle Maps

For now they have not said any specific date or to which countries these Maps functions will reach, but probably in a first phase they will remain in the United States. We have already seen in the case of detailed maps that the idea is for it to work globally, so we hope that it will not take long to launch them in other countries as well.

How to use augmented reality navigation in Google Maps

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