Dortmund: Animal rights activists save neglected four-legged friends, but that wasn't all - "You have to have that much audacity first"


Dortmund: Animal rights activists save neglected four-legged friends, but that wasn’t all – “You have to have that much audacity first”

Unsolved criminal cases – Nicole Schalla

Unsolved criminal cases – Nicole Schalla

The murder of Nicole Schalla from Dortmund went unpunished for 25 years. But then there was movement in the case.

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Dortmund. The animal rights activists from Arche90 Dortmund made a shocking discovery.

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Actually, they have been made from a man Dortmund three cats and a tomcat are supposed to ensure. But she was puzzled on site – and rightly so, as it later turned out.

Dortmund: Animal rights activists shocked at this sight

“We have already seen a lot, but some people still manage to leave us speechless,” the Arche90 employees comment on what they saw in a post on Facebook.


This is the city of Dortmund:

  • was first mentioned in writing in 880 (as ‘Throtmanni’)
  • has 588,250 inhabitants (as of December 2019), making it the ninth largest city in Germany
  • The largest city in the Ruhr area in terms of area and population
  • the Signal-Iduna-Park (home stadium of Borussia Dortmund) is the largest football stadium in Germany with over 81,000 seats
  • further sights: Westfalenpark, Dortmunder U, German Football Museum
  • Lord Mayor is Thomas Westphal (SPD)


The reason for this are not only the almost untenable conditions in the apartment of the former cat owner Dortmund, but an extremely bold question. But back to the beginning: The man has already given eight cats to the animal rights activists, reports Arche90 on the club website.

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It happens again and again that people keep more animals than they can take care of. An employee therefore wanted to check that everything was in place on site and secure the animals. But there was a problem: “He didn’t even let me into the apartment,” she says of the mission.

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Dortmund: This behavior causes all alarm bells to ring

Instead, the Dortmund man wanted to hand over the cats in their boxes directly at the door. Behavior that immediately rang the employee’s alarm bells. Too often she has discovered sad scenes behind closed apartment doors: “Mountains of garbage” and animals “in a completely neglected state”, she describes similar situations. Does she expect something similar in this apartment in Dortmund?

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Unfortunately yes. The animal rights activist was not deceived by her instincts. When the Dortmund resident let her into his apartment after a long discussion, her “unbearable stench” hit her, garbage and dirt everywhere. The cats, as feared, are in a “wretched condition”.

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Dortmund: Animal rights activists secure cats – then their owners will be bold

But that’s not all. When the sick cats were secured, the employee could hardly believe her ears. “While we were still on duty, the man asked us if we could get him a little German Shepherd puppy. You have to trust yourself to be so audacious … “, Arche90 writes indignantly on Facebook.


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There was hardly any time to digest the shock for the animal rights activists. The cats needed medical care and lots of love as soon as possible after they were rescued. The signs of their suffering are still clearly visible at the moment: ingrown claws, matted fur, ear mites and underweight. A veterinarian is currently doing his best to help the four-legged friends get back on their feet.

The fans of the shelter are shocked at the sad pictures. “Without words”, writes a woman under the entry. Another comments: “I am speechless and stunned.” (Vh)


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