Pablo Rivero: “Social networks obsess me.  You never know who is watching you "

Pablo Rivero (Madrid, 40 years old) was in his twenties when he started working on the series Tell me how it happened, where he has played Toni, one of the sons of the Alcántara family, for two decades. His mother still keeps in the living room a photograph of those early days of the actor: a perched in the bistro of the San Genaro neighborhood surrounded by great figures such as Tony Leblanc, Fernando Fernán Gómez and Imanol Arias, his father in fiction. “I was very green at the beginning”, Rivero admits by phone, who remembers getting lost more than once in the scenes when thinking: “The amount of movies I have seen of these men”.

Tell me “It has been the best school” for the interpreter, a series that he has combined with films (Neckan, Brother’s night Y Paella Today!) and plays (The servant, Me and my circumstances Y Splendor) along these years. But for four years a niche has also been made in the literary industry. First published I will never be afraid again, then came Penance and just presented The girls who dreamed of being seen, with which he reaffirms his facet as the author of thrillers. In these novels he investigates rough topics, such as parricides, rapes, pedophilia … without giving too much importance to what they will say. “With literature I have found that way of not having to like everyone,” says Rivero, who as an actor claims to have been more prudent: “I have tried to be a more serious guy, not to do certain things so that they would take me seriously , always thinking a lot, rationalizing a lot ”. He feels adrenaline at certain moments of his interpretive side, however he concludes: “I have found fulfillment more times in writing than in acting.”

He is passionate about cinema and horror literature and becomes so obsessed with a gruesome subject that he spends his nights awake investigating and, of course, feeling a lot of fear. The girls who dreamed of being seen It was born from his concern for the dark side of social networks that later led to other issues such as Stockholm syndrome and the deep internet, a digital space where you can find weapons, drugs and child pornography. “The issue of social networks is something that haunts me in the sense that you never know who is seeing you and you do not know the amount of information we are giving,” says Rivero, very restrained with what he publishes on Instagram and Facebook . He maintains that he has never had and will never have Twitter: “It seems to me that people do not filter and that it is to see who insults the most,” says the actor, who considers himself a very impulsive person and prefers to avoid public confrontation.

However, social networks also have their good side. They have allowed him to be closer to the readers – especially during the pandemic in which fairs and book signings have been canceled – who have transmitted their impressions to him. “Reading and answering the messages that come to me seems to me the best prize,” says Rivero, whose accounts he focuses exclusively on professional issues. Except for a post in September in which he spoke for the first time about something more personal: that at home there are “three boys.” It was a black and white photograph in which the actor, accompanied by his partner and his son, turn their backs to the camera to contemplate the sea. He decided to share a piece of his private life to normalize homosexuality. A decision for which he received many messages from boys and their mothers who were grateful for giving visibility: “It was very exciting.”

It also came into play that he had previously learned that the press of the heart was going to publish a photo of his family. In fact, the magazine Week He did it 36 ​​hours later with some snapshots of them in the mountains of Madrid. “I did not like the idea that it might seem that I was hiding, that I was hiding as if it were something illegal,” explains Rivero, who adds: “Before it seemed something terrible, I said the opposite. I’m super proud ”. Although he does not regularly show his family, as other celebrities do, he does not deny it in his day to day life: he and his partner usually accompany the child to school and Rivero is very given to showing photos of his little one in the filming .

But of course, there are still certain limits: it does not reveal either the name or the age of your child. Nor is he encouraged to deal with the issue of homophobia from the political sphere: “I don’t get involved in politics. It is that they do not deserve that we speak of them ”.

In that respect, he is very different from his popular character, Toni Alcántara, who since the series began in 2001 has touched politics on countless occasions. As the patriarch of the family would say: “Son, you’re back in politics again!” 23-F, the GAL, the Iraq war … the older of the two Alcantara males has always been there to tell and experience it. But none of this would have been possible without the involvement of Marta Altamira (played by Anna Allen), his first great love on the series, who introduced him to political activism. The last time the actress stepped on the set of Tell me It was in 2008. Seven years later Allen left the media spotlight after it was discovered that he invented a prosperous career abroad that he sold based on false montages on social networks. Some colleagues in the industry preferred not to speak, others made fun of her and there were those, like Rivero, who came to her defense. “I don’t like to condemn anyone. I see worse things on social media. Of course, what I am not going to do is crush a colleague ”, says the actor after the return of the interpreter to the last season of the series.

Respectful of others, he is also a discreet person. He has had to deal with fame from a very young age, something that has affected his environment on some occasions. “I have had friends who did not wear bikini next to me on the beach because they did not want to take pictures,” she puts as an example. “On Mother’s Day I don’t put a photo with mine. My mother knows that I love her very much and I don’t need the whole world to know it, ”she says, laughing. But what is clear to him is that it is he who has chosen this path of notoriety, not the others.

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