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The tuna temple on Calle de Alcal is always full. It does not have a website and its reserved areas are the most coveted in Madrid. They have just launched an “experience” in the form of a pack delivery. “This is a restaurant more on the right than on the left”

Jose Ynglada is passionate about tuna.

Luck has smiled on Jose Ynglada (51) many times – it could even be said that too many – in his life. “I have been awarded the lottery three times, I have been married to a wonderful woman for 28 years, I have two incredible daughters and I am passionate about what I do. I come home happy every day. “Your name may not tell you anything a priori, but if we add the restaurant Arahy and Mariano Rajoy to the equation, perhaps they will rank for something better.”Rajoy made me the best advertising campaign“.

That May 31, 2018 the door of his business opened news and covered the front pages; the cook of Cuban origin became a bit part of the history of our country. Rajoy celebrated his last meal – with a long table – as Prime Minister in one of his reserved areas, while the motion of censure against him took shape in the Congress of Deputies. “Now there are tourist routes that between Plaza de Cibeles and Plaza de Alcal stop here in front“says ‘Mundy’, as everyone knows him, sitting at one of the tables in the hall.” Here we are going to put some velvet curtains, “he adds.

Politicians, bankers, footballers, businessmen … Through the booths of the premises, which opened seven years ago at the headquarters of the old Club 31, familiar – and powerful – faces parade daily; they have become the most sought-after in the capital. “You have to book with a minimum of two weeks.” Who comes here does not want to be seen and also wants to eat very well. “This is like a social club.”

Discretion has made its maximum. “What happens in the restaurant does not come out of there.” It already has five reserved rooms, which can be accessed from the next door, thus avoiding going through the room. “We have been renting the storage rooms of the building and we have turned them into reservedThey have them with capacity for 8, 10, 14 and 16 people. “We are an unpretentious and very familiar restaurant”, the team is made up of 20 people.

The cook at work with a tuna in his kitchen.
The cook at work with a tuna in his kitchen.

At around 10.30 am they usually land at the premises. “My wife prefers to always be in the background”, but she is the one who is in everything. “She is the thinking head, the owner. I’m just the head chef.” With her he arrived in Madrid from Cuba in 1992. “He’s been a hard worker all his life,” she says as he takes a call. Before Arahy, his home was the Village Liar for 18 years. Then the lottery fell and, after spending a year in Miami, they decided to return to Madrid to open their restaurant. “It was one of my daughters who encouraged me to do it.”

This is a restaurant more on the right than on the left; here red is the tuna and the fire extinguisher“He lets go without hesitation. What does not mean that his regular clients include socialist ministers from the current government and from the past.” I am open-minded. I just hope that people enjoy a good meal, “with tuna and seasonal produce setting the pace. And if he has learned something, it is that things change a lot in a matter of days and even hours.” I remember Wednesday before the motion of censure to Rajoy, when they celebrated that they had taken the budgets forward; seven days later they lost the government. “

But although he is interested in politics, the reason why he loses his mind – his Instagram account is proof of this – is because of tuna, the undisputed king of the house. “Every day we spend 50 kilos“He says while on WhatsApp he does not stop receiving messages.” My success is having the best raw material and knowing how to treat it. There is no more. I have studied for years everything that revolves around tuna. “They are full from Monday to Saturday – Sunday rest is sacred, as it is to close the month of August – and they still do not have – they are on it – a website.” We did not need to have it. Now we want it to be a showcase of our passion “, he ditches before the gaze of Arahy, his wife, ‘the boss’, as everyone calls her.

He has just presented his latest adventure, Magic, “an experience” in the form of a delivery pack that brings home “the best red tuna in the world, that of Ricardo Fuentes.” He has launched it with Arahy’s two star products, the tiradito and the tuna dice. “I wish that when people try it they just say wowwwWhat a marvel. “Last weekend, with just a few days in operation, they took out 300 packs. All the money they collect will be donated to charitable causes that they have chosen together with their two daughters.” My life is resolved. And I don’t do a lot of things to earn money anymore. ”

More information on Magic : it is available in Glovo’s ‘Haute Cuisine’ section, at a cost of 18 euros. The product is presented in two heat-sealed trays, to preserve its maximum quality, and includes toothpicks and two sauces.

The delivery pack arrives in heat-sealed trays.
The delivery pack arrives in heat-sealed trays.

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