Pandemic and the human condition

We are beginning a new harvest, which is in itself an auspicious event, but it does not stop generating memories of conflicts and discussions that never ended, precisely because in the Province of Tucumán priority was never given to the issue of sustainability of the sugar business. , mainly related to the balance between the pros of the activity – all the possibilities offered by the production of sugarcane – and the cons, that is, the residues left by the sugar production process, and effluents such as vinasse.

This issue has surely been an obstacle to placing the activity in the sphere of modern industries not suspected of damaging the environment. A proper management of a good government is to promote the growth of the economy and that it moves within the accepted norms, that is, in harmony with the health of people and the environment in which they develop.

More than one hundred years have passed since the production of sugar began in the province, without having had the right to face the problem and propose a solution to date.

In the world, several sugar-producing countries, such as New Zealand, Australia and others, have experienced and overcome this problem, with joint projects with private activity, which could serve as a model to achieve the much-needed balance. Such would be, for example, the production of fertilizers from the treatment of stillage, these products of high value in the markets.

Talking about projects of this type sounds like something utopian or at least strange at the political decision-making levels, where the custom is to commit state resources only to the creation of unproductive bureaucratic spending and uncontrolled political salaries.

The activity of the State must sometime return to its course, focusing on the growth of industries in our province, making them an updated source of progress and creation of qualified jobs.

Jose Luis Diaz Robin

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