Luis Suárez fastens an express miracle that can be worth a league

The rojiblancos come back against Osasuna in the final quarter of an hour, thanks to goals from Lodi and the Uruguayan, when the title seemed to slip away with Real Madrid’s victory at San Mams

Luis Surez celebrates his goal against Osasuna.GABRIEL BOUYSAFP

Yes, the Surez zone exists. It is real. Although for an eternity it seems that no. The Uruguayan striker appeared at the right time, after a handful of minutes of frustration, while the witches threatened to re-fish that legend of the Pupas from the ball. Luis roared, with the clock and his heart at the limit, when the ball ended up giving reason to Atltico, determined that this League ends up being his. For a few minutes he fell from the lead, but from Simeone’s talk, when it seemed that there was no hope, the miracle emerged. An express comeback buckled by Surez (2-1), from the heart to the limit of a leader who took pride in time. That’s what it is for. That is what it is for. It was seven minutes where the Atltico took out his whip and managed to tame his destiny. To be in Valladolid where the owner of this League is decided. A championship for which the rojiblancos have never stopped believing.

And it is that the Atltico went to rest wondering how it was possible that he had not scored. The rojiblancos were not the gale of the last game, against Real Sociedad, but they managed to release up to 15 shots, 15, on the goalkeeper of Herrera. Some for toe, others for the goalkeeper’s success, others because, directly, the legs shrink when the glory is guessed so close. They will wonder many things on the way to the dressing room, which in the end they will visit exultingly. All Simeone, who knows well what a footballer feels at the moment, should have given them a reason, a solution, not to give importance to what happened: “Calm and patience, boys.” There is usually no other recipe.

There were 15 shots in 45 minutes and almost half of them came from Surez’s boots, who even crashed a ball into the post. His area, the now famous ‘Surez zone’, seemed cursed. The striker may not remember having tried his luck so many times and kept seeing them coming. The shots were of all colors, among a defense, that of Osasuna, which tried to remain firm despite the siege. With the toe, with the instep, with a crossed shot or with power. All this is what happened to the charra in that first act, oblivious to the fact that his catharsis was yet to come.

Intrigue with Savic’s Claw

Nor was it the day for Boil not even for Shall not even for Correa, which reappeared as usual in that initial 11 that has become immovable for Simeone’s plans. While Joao Felix, as has become the norm, he took notes from the stands. His moment was yet to come. Every now and then the Arrasate outfit was dropped across the Oblak area. That s, the occasions were few.

The rojiblanca fans roar in the parking lot at the south end, to the enjoyment of Simeone, who at times looked at the line to ask for a little push. But the people weren’t there, of course. And in one of those, while Atltico was launched on the goal of Osasuna, while Real Madrid did not make its debut in San Mams, a goal shout resounded and, instantly, a firecracker exploded. It was simply Celta’s tie in the Camp Nou. Something big at any other time, something anecdotal because the important thing was between the walls of the Metropolitan, where the leader crashed against a dense red wall of five defenses, protected on that last border by Sergio Herrera. A good part of this season’s last dream was hanging on to tear him down.

I thought I crossed the Atlantic bridge when Savic, in Diego mode Godn, He pushed an extension of Sal with his head into the net, after a set piece. There was a party, also a firecracker outside, even the players hugged each other. But the Balkan was early. The VAR prolonged the intrigue for a few minutes, in doubt as to whether the pass came from Sal or had touched a defender. There did not seem to be excessive doubts about it. He had half an hour to find what in an hour and two dozen shots had been impossible.

Seven minutes of vertigo

Shortly after Joao Flix, another firecracker are outside the Metropolitan. It was because of Carrasco’s goal, that he did not need or VAR to be annulled. When time and nerves are pressing, everything is always more complicated. They would do it even more when Nacho, hundreds of kilometers away, made Real Madrid a momentary leader.

Alete Surez demanding a penalty that he wanted to start the same, until Budimir he lowered the curtain with a head butt to which Jan cloud he responded with a miracle. A miracle, yes, that was useless because the ball had already crossed the line. It was the toll for the null toe of a team whose light had been turned off. Osasuna celebrated as if the title was for Pamplona.

Simeone rode the huddle in the hydration break, with the water above her neck, and sent one last message for hope. 10 minutes, one life, one League. It must have been the summary of the Argentine. And you can see that they got it because LodiAfter a brilliant send-off from Joao Flix, he instantly sent the ball to the squad. And when the clock ran out, clutching the pike, Luis roared Sure in the areaas if that goal made life really worth living. Perhaps that is the case, although we will still have to wait a week to find out if the Atltico is champion. To be in Valladolid or not to be.

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