An Australian woman woke up one morning with an Irish accent, and she is one of 100 diagnosed cases of this disease in the last 114 years.

Imagine that one day in the morning you wake up, you look in the mirror, you go out into the street, and you start talking to your coworkers or schoolmates, and they notice that you have a way of speaking with a different accent, as if you were a foreigner , and although you yourself do not listen to it, others do. Well, it is not a movie, it is a real case, and it is an extremely rare disease.

The fact that a person has his accent changed to a foreign one (different from his) is known as the Foreign Accent Syndrome (Foreign Accent Syndrome), and although in most cases it is caused by an injury to the central nervous system due to some type of accident, it can also be the prelude to another type of neuronal disease.

However, it is such a rare disease that since 1907 Only 100 people have been diagnosed with this foreign accent syndrome, as reported from Healthline. And the most recent has barely happened a couple of weeks ago, to an Australian woman.

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Angie YenThe 27-year-old from Brisbane, Australia woke up on April 28 to find that she had lost her native accent to Irish. He posted videos about this situation on his TikTok account, trying to make known to the world a problem that they had not been able to solve during his visit to the hospital.

There have been other examples throughout history, such as another Australian woman who developed a French accent after being in a car accident or a Norwegian woman who developed a German accent after brain damage caused by shrapnel during World War II. Healthline clarifies.

In 2019, a study observed 49 participants affected by the disease of foreign accent syndrome, concluding that although it is not a harmful condition, there is no treatment.

In general, someone with this disease should inform the experts as soon as possible so that they continue to study these rare cases, and also put yourself in the hands of a speech therapist so you can work on getting your old accent back.

Of course, it is estimated that these new accents were maintained in the affected people between two months and 18 years, with an average duration of three years. Therefore, it is not an irreversible disease, but it can last for many years.

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