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  • Paula Echevarría is feeding her son Miguel through breastfeeding on demand

  • Just when he turns one month old, the newborn is experiencing a lactation crisis

  • What does it consist of? How will you know to identify it? What to do when it happens?

It had only been a few hours since she gave birth to his son Miguel when Paula Echevarría used the loudspeaker given by Instagram to vindicate the Breastfeeding. Through a photo in which she was breastfeeding her newborn, the one who has been her “travel companion” since April 11, the actress made from her feed a daily album of her new life with her baby. Breastfeeding “on demand”, the diet option for which he opted, without schedules or duration of the feedings, has generated a dependency on the one that the B-side is beginning to suffer from. An emotional “nice swirl” that is technically known as a lactation crisis. But what exactly does it consist of? What are the main symptoms? How can it be overcome?

This is Miguel, the little son of Paula Echevarría

During their first six months of growth, it is common for this type of crisis as the intake increases. Up to twelve a day, they can sue. This gives rise to the mother, in this case Paula, worrying about her son’s excessive need to be fed, creating insecurities and thinking that she is not generating the milk that her son demands. Crying, feeling of continuous hunger, softening of the mother’s breast … These are the key symptoms to identify that your baby is having a lactation crisis. But it is something transitory.

Symptoms to identify what is happening to your baby

Miguel Torres Echevarría would be passing the first. It usually occurs from the first fifteen days of life. The next occurs around three months. And the last, at six. Each phase, which usually lasts about three weeks, is directly related to the child’s growth process. As your baby grows, so do your cravings for food.. Something that must be reciprocated, not being afraid that the newborn will suck what it demands.

This, in practice, has its drawbacks, especially for the mother, who as Paula said a few days ago on her Instagram makes you “have no life”. “Anyone else going through this or who has been through it to give me advice to be able to live in addition to feeding / calming / bonding with my baby?” He asked aloud. Experts recommend that in these sometimes desperate cases, the mother turns to her partner or family to remove herself from domestic responsibilities and being able to dedicate their energy to breastfeeding (and to rest afterwards, whenever the baby allows it).

What to do when your baby suffers a lactation crisis like Paula Echevarría’s son?

“The advice is that everything the rest can stop and that is what is really important, and too ephemeral for my taste “, has recommended his colleague, actress Sara Sálamo, who has just raised two babies. happen is that your puppy goes with you everywhere, “he reminded him.

Does anyone else going through this or who has been through it to give me tips to live in addition to feeding / calming / bonding with my baby?

Carola Baleztena, who had her first child with Emiliano Suárez almost at the same time as Paula Echevarría, became twinned with her making visible her discomfort for being all day “with her breast out, lifeless and who knows how long.” But quiet, specialist doctors always state how short this period of lactation crisis is.

Moreover, sometimes, if the situation becomes extreme and is difficult to bear on an emotional level, they encourage mothers to join breastfeeding groups to feel supported by other women in the same situation. In her case, in that of the actress, she is receiving this collective hug virtually through Instagram, where there are thousands of followers who have explained that “this will happen.”


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