Paco always said that he was not Galician at all. And when I tried to argue that he was not entirely right, his answer was the clear observation that he did not carry all of them with him. Say a word then, with a slight hint of the terroir and lengthening the a: Claaaro!

Except for that and that one day the Holy Company had seen, in the rest Paco Rego, our Paco, was never wrong. He was the unequaled storyteller, as he unpretentiously explained (The unmatched thing is mine). And in truth I tell you that few achieved the marriage between journalism and science like ours not Galician. What was the first thing about him: difficult to answer. Claaaro!

He could have been a doctor, since he finished his degree in Santiago de Compostela, but he chose the path of this priesthood of good storytelling. Tell the world, sometimes cruel. And he ended up reconciled with his overseas father, because as a child they emigrated to Brazil as a family and when they returned not all did. There was no better son. And ended up filling his way with friendsbecause he knew how to sow. And they fill their walk, until this Thursday already with pain in which I write, with reports like the best of those that have been in this profession that gives us life and, sometimes – in that Paco had several heads of advantage -, allows us help flesh and blood people. This Sunday, in his CHRONICLE, everything that you think is good may be for him. Today and always we would like to give readers some of their best stories. It is very easy to find them. They are almost all. Some have names and faces that have changed forever thanks to the journalist Francisco Rego Almua, the Galician from Rio de Janeiro, and Ribadavia. Ask if not in India. Shirim lives there. She is the girl that Paco and Portal did not have, because David and Roberto were her two boys. Shalini changed her skin forever because a crazy letter collector from Spain began to move Rome with Santiago so that he would come here to be cured of his rare ailment. Cry tears when they tell him that Daddy Paco is gonehours after getting vaccinated. On the third day he did not wake up.

Since his sudden death has transcended, there is a unanimous echo about Paco. The teammates call and the toughest guys burst into tears. And women, his interlocutors, always in the long job of journalism that Dr. Rego turned his life into. The last years of his career he did with me in CRNICA, the Sunday supplement of great reports from EL MUNDO for which he drinks the winds. I have seen things in him that you would not believe. No one has reinvented themselves more to continue to respond to the demanding challenge of journalism in transformation than Paquinho. Every issue that we left ready to send to the rotary, on Fridays, he emblazoned them with two magic words: “Another miracle!”

For those of us who have been lucky enough to be by his side and read his stories first, he has been our miracle … And he will always accompany us because someone like him, who is capable of dressing the Minister of Science as an astronaut, or telling that Pharmamar has the marine remedy (we called it a bug) that will save us from the covid, or tell the impossible about the advanced techniques of assisted reproduction and fertility that his friend Marisa from the Marqus clinic used to give him … someone like that gives many stories. The first big in science signed them in the magazine Newton, in which he was enrolled before ending forever in CRNICA.

Paco belonged to everyone

As in the Greek tragedies, which is how we live it, let the choir speak … that Paco belonged to everyone. At times, he carried the great ball of the world on his shoulders, as he had himself portrayed when the newspaper celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Even his bosses speak well of him. The current deputy director of ABC Agustn Lips, who sometimes asked me to act as an interpreter with “el gallego”, was left on the canvas when he heard the news. Get up and tell me, I beg you, both of us crying. Paco is … “a great storyteller, never a storyteller, a faithful friend, a comrade of a thousand closing nights, generous in his effort and much more in his encouragement”.

Ana Mara Ortiz he remembers a report in which he involved his whole family, who lived to be able to tell about it in the Magazine for a week with the same water as in Ethiopia. Two carafes for everyone. And to portray his “maximum Galicianness”, he strip of the situation: “When we changed buildings, and EL MUNDO moved to Avenida de San Luis, Paco told us to turn 50 and we made him a party with cake, with candles with those numbers , dig … Photos were made uploaded on the table of Miguel Angel Mellado, then the big boss below Pedro Jota … Well the next year I tell him: Qu Paco, you’re already 51, eh?

-No, no, I’m 52.

-But if last year we had the party for the 50s …

-Ah, you were wrong.

That is why, perhaps, Paco said of his “Anita” that “he was right even when he was wrong.”

That Paco has been a success is more than The voice of the people. Hector Marn, today at RNE and a contributor to the supplement for many years: “DEP Paco, teacher of journalists, great reporter, excellent chronicler, one of the best storytellers in our country and a humble guy despite all the above.

In CRNICA, now Paco had two “queens”: Leyre Iglesias Y ngeles Escriv. Leyre, in 15 words: “A great accountant, with an inexhaustible curiosity and, above all, A good man”. ngeles, required, send me by Whatsapp and textaco long … But look what things he says. “He was a truly important man, truly influential, because he was a good, sensitive, loving, generous man … He has left us all orphans. And then he was a very good journalist… Suddenly we discovered that Paco was the best of us all. “

“Second parent”

And his favorite “damned Peruvian”, whom he always jokes about blocking his access to Spanish nationality because of his lack of love for Fernando Alonso, Paco’s champion passion. “We mourn you so much dear Paco Rego. Forger of reporters in @elmundoes [con discpulos que le admiran hoy escribiendo en El Comercio de Ecuador, La Nacin de Argentina, en Mxico…]. My teacher, a second father. He honored the maxim that a good journalist must be a good person. And he was exalted in both … He made us better. “

What would Paco say to such a chorus? “You don’t have to go overboard either …”.

“I’m diving into topics to see if I find a good story … Today with the ground body. Nothing else “, he sent me a message on Tuesday, because on Monday he took it off to get vaccinated with Pfizer.

The day before, among other topics, I told him that we could follow up on a piece of news that came to us from a southern politician … Admitted to the hospital in his city with a broken limb. The subject is delicate, he answered, and he began to investigate in order to tell in a scientific way how it is possible for a penis to split. And only Paco could narrate that well – he studied up to 5 in Medicine and then Journalism, which has much less merit – and they tell me from the newspaper, something that Paco never gave me details about, who came to summon him for the Galician basketball team). Because he was the great storyteller.

The man who saved the snake-skinned girl, Shalini. Nothing ago, on February 6, he sent me the last photo that the little girl had sent him. He wants to be a doctor, he said, puffed up with pride.

The miracles of Paco, the man who loved Conil and his Fuente del Gallo. He had three dogs. Lalo, Elmo Y Sum. And the vice of tobacco. And with David Gistau I hit the thread about boxing and this rogue profession when they shared a cigarette outside the newspaper building.

– Did you really see the Holy Company?

– Claaaro.

He was 66 years old and was embracing yet another dream. Thus says his son Roberto: My father always told me that in some place in Ribeiro (Galicia), throughout many summers, Ernest Hemingway would write and be inspired … One of his thoughts when he retired was to find a little house there with views of the mountain and write his novel.

Stay with that, Paco always complies.

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