Health will regularize 4,315 workers with temporary contracts as interns

The director of the Canarian Health Service (SCS), Conrado Domínguez, accompanied by the general director of Human Resources, Avelina Díaz, chaired a new meeting of the Sectorial Board of Health in which it was reported that Health will continue with the development of the Public Employment Offer (OPE) of 2018, since opponents and public employees “do not have to suffer the consequences of irregularities” that are not attributable to them. More than 4,300 eventuals will be regularized as interns.

They informed the representatives of the unions CEM-Satse, Intersindical Canaria, CC.OO., UGT, Sepca and Asaca, that, after the orders of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands that dismissed the incidents of complement of sentence, they will continue with a OPE that affects 7,198 places in 60 different categories. The final list of applicants who passed the competition in the Nursing category will be published on June 25, opening the deadline for applying for a place. Likewise, during the month of June the contest for transfers of this category will be resolved. A phase that has also already carried out the categories of Midwives and Physiotherapists.

Regularization of 4,315 eventual

In addition, the director of the SCS reported the forthcoming regularization of 4,316 temporary interns in all professional categories. Their contracts are renewed every year and must be consolidated with the intention of summoning them in opposition. The initial proposal of November 2020 was insufficient, since only 2,350 temporary workers from the SCS managements were consolidated with at least more than two years chaining temporary contracts, which meant creating almost half of the organic workforce necessary for later attribute them on an interim basis.

The report, to which DIARIO DE NOTIOS has had access, details the positions that should be consolidated to interim and that are filled year after year by temporary personnel who concatenate contracts in abuse of temporary employment. This document does not take into account the almost 4,000 health and non-health personnel who have reinforced the staff of hospitals and primary care centers in the Archipelago to face the coronavirus pandemic and the current reorganization of care due to the pandemic.

Of these 4,315 places, 3,595 are for hospital managements (2,642 in health personnel and 953 in management and services) and 720 in Primary Care (593 in health categories and 127 in management and services).

By hospitals, the two Tenerife referral centers are the ones with the highest number of temporary workers on their staff and who have chained years and years in their positions. The University Hospital of the Canary Islands has 975 workers in this situation (762 health workers and 213 in management and services), while the Hospital de La Candelaria has 908 temporary positions (644 in health categories and 264 in management and services). In Gran Canaria, the Maternal and Child has 788 long-term temporary workers (629 in health areas and 159 in services and management), while the Doctor Negrín Hospital has 434 temporary workers occupying structural positions (308 in health work and 126 in management and services).

In the rest of the hospital centers of the Islands, Fuerteventura has 176 temporary workers who must be regularized (114 in health categories and 62 in management and services), the Lanzarote Hospital has 115 employees (75 of them health professionals and 40 in the field of services and management), while La Palma has 110 places in this situation (66 of them health and 44 management and services). La Gomera has 49 jobs that must become structural (24 in health areas and 25 in services and management), while in El Hierro, the 40 jobs to be regularized are distributed equally between health workers and service and management workers.

If in the field of hospital management, the centers of Tenerife have more workers in this situation 1,883 (of them 1,406 from health areas) than the 1,222 in Gran Canaria (937 health posts), in Primary Care is Gran Canaria with 379 (309 health workers and 70 in management and services) which doubles Tenerife 163 (132 health workers and 31 in services and management).

In the Primary Care managements of the rest of the Islands, Fuerteventura expects to regularize 80 places (71 health), La Palma 47 workers (43 from the health area), Lanzarote has 22 employees (17 from health professions), La Gomera reports 15 places (12 health) and El Hierro 14 workers (9 health categories)

Health professionals

Studying the report presented by the different hospital and Primary Care managements to the Canarian Health Service, it is confirmed that in hospitals, the health professionals with the greatest abuse of temporary employment are in Nursing, with 1,102 workers (La Candelaria, Materno Infantil and HUC are the centers with the most cases), followed by the Nursing Assistant category with 779 (HUC, Maternal and Child and La Candelaria). All the categories that include the Area Specialist Doctors (from 46 to 50) would be around 450 doctors, followed by Emergency Doctors (57) or Midwives, 51. Among the five categories of specialist technicians, it is worth noting that of Radiodiagnosis with 66 workers and those of the Laboratory with 65.
In Primary Care, the group of Nurses, in their different specialties, occupy the first place with at least 278 places to be regularized, followed by Family doctors with 159, Pediatricians with 45, Nursing Assistants with 33, doctors from the service of Emergencies in its different categories 26 places, as well as 12 midwives and technicians specialized in Radiodiagnosis with 11.

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