Levante – Barcelona (3-3)

A heroic Levante traces the goals of Messi, Pedri (0-2) and Dembl (2-3) and leaves those of Koeman further from the title

The Bara players, during the match.PABLO MORANOREUTERS

The ditch that the Granada to bury the Only deepened with the strokes of the Levante. A dead man cannot die twice and the Catalans, despite the attempts of resurrection to fight for a crazy League to which nobody manages to tie the loop, began to receive handfuls of sand that night in the Camp Nou. The rest has been an elbow race not to get off the hook in which they have stumbled too many times. They have not known how to fight against their own demons and the distance seems an abyss now that there is no time to compose themselves.

No one on the team Koeman got rid of the responsibility to fight. Although the flag is always attached to Messi, squires appeared like Dembl, ready to side with a band to continue hammering and appease the tremors that appeared in the City of Valencia.

It cost Levante to hold the ease with which the Catalans started the game. In the first minute, De Jong scrambled to the bottom line to look for Pedri at the penalty spot. It did not take long for the Dutchman to win the duel against scar Duarte with a cut that saved Aitor but he fell again at the feet of the canary, who was not right either. There were not even regrets because it all seemed like a matter of time.

Had protected Paco Lopez against the dagger of Jordi Albabut I showed up Dembl in a surprise bet by Koeman placing the French as a lane. Two headaches for the granotas, who could not take off. Just a couple of races for Comandante Morales to remember that they make their rivals pay dearly for mistakes.

Messi and Pedri

With the first appearance of Jordi Alba, the party opened. Grab the back of Miramn to serve a center that volley in imbalance caught Messi to beat Aitor Fernndez. 29 goals from the Argentine and the confirmation of a society with tremendous performance. Before the break came the revenge of Pedri to, taking advantage of a quick against the brand new lane, fatten a marker that almost no one sees possible that it would turn. But he did.

Levante came back from the locker room dressed in the league judge outfit and with the tusk that has bite the big ones with irreverence. With nothing to lose, it was time not to get crushed. In two minutes he rocked the match and the fight for the title. Marc the former madridista Melero with an impeccable headerand did it again Morales taking advantage of the doubts in the ball exit that the Barça defense showed, recomposed with Sergi Roberto after the ankle discomfort of Araujo.

For a few seconds the Bara trembled. How not to do it when losing a single point means saying goodbye to the battle. Not even the memory of the defeat against Granada had time to surface. Dembl erased it with a right hand after another ride by Jordi Alba’s side. Koeman did not trust himself again, who began to refresh his team looking for the reaction that would avoid suffering.

However, Levante grows when it sees the weaknesses of its rival. Oli the blood and did not miss the opportunity to be a protagonist in this championship. The best way to get a gray end-of-season off the mind of your hobby was to remove a candidate from the battle for the title.

The occasions had Melero to re-balance the duel but he did Sergio Len in the final moments. Veng Too of his suffering with Dembl getting rid of Dest to put a center than the Sevillian, more rogue than PiquHe tapped his toe to beat Ter Stegen.

Bara could not even die in Aitor’s area to rush his options to seek a League that is already denied him.

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