Shooting in Russia: how easy to buy weapons?

At least until 2019, the true protagonist of the shootings among ordinary people in the world, it was USA. According CNNBy then it was the first supplier of civilian weapons.

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Its domestic market supported such a demand: of the 650 million guns that were in the hands of civilians on the planet, the 48% were American.

The figures should be worrying, if one takes into account that one of the reasons that would explain the constant massacres and shootings is the easy access to weapons.

The television station notes that there are 89 of them for every 100 Americans.

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But it is a very lucrative market, and looking for ways to dominate it, Russia also began to bet on the arms manufacturing business.

“El País” noted, in 2017, that the president Vladimir Putin he put the batteries and ordered that the war industry diversify to find new paths in the civil sector.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. AFP (PAVEL GOLOVKIN /)

It is, says the media, a policy of “rearmament of its Armed Forces“, But, above all, to find a way to make it profitable from the”civil applications”.

In this logic, it was dictated to change the paradigm: industrialization to replace imports.

A clear example is the case of Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), “the largest tank factory in the country and one of the largest in the world”.

Founded in 1936, the company had to face many problems and forced to produce “wagons, railway platforms, tanks and tractors, as well as armored vehicles” to survive.

With an economy hanging by a thread, Russia decided to integrate the company into a state mega-consortium that took another look.

The Spanish newspaper explains that, when this happened, UVZ dedicated 30% of its production “to the civil sector“And the rest to the military, to”orders from the Ministry of Defense and exports”.

Putin, however, ordered that, by 2030, the percentage reaches 50%, a goal that could be reached in 2025.

And they have done well, increasing their sales considerably.

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According to the Anadolu Agency, the pandemic of coronavirus it caused Russian civilians to start buying more weapons.

Because, in the last ten years, the Russian law that regulates this matter has changed. In this regard, the Sputnik portal noted, in 2011, that Russians had the right to “possessing and carrying incapacitating non-lethal weapons and hunting weapons”.

The license to obtain the weapons had to be renewed every five years.

And, by then, the records of the last five years showed that “More than 60 people died and some 600 were injured in more than 1,500 attacks with disabling non-lethal weapons”According to Sputnik.

Ambulances and police cars in Kazan, a city where there was a shooting at a school.  EFE

Ambulances and police cars in Kazan, a city where there was a shooting at a school. EFE (Anton Raykhshtat /)

Already in 2014, the El Economista website noted that the government had “eased restrictions”And that it was allowed to carry weapons for self-defense.

Until then, it was only allowed to carry weapons for “activities such as hunting or sport shooting, with prior license from the Ministry of the Interior”, As well as other controls and security courses.

Nevertheless, [está] Forbidden to wear them in educational institutions, establishments that operate at night and serve alcohol and in mass public gatherings, such as street demonstrations or protests”He picked up the medium.

And I add:

Legislation also prohibits carrying a weapon while under the influence of alcohol.”.

And this is how, after the onslaught of COVID-19, the increase in sales could be given under the pretext of self-defense.

In an interview of the Anadolu Agency with the general manager of ORSIS, a company in the field, it was known that “sales of all models, including rifles, have increased. In some periods, demand even exceeded supply”.

The most important reason is the increase in anxiety and uncertainty that has inevitably arisen in the world due to the pandemic.“, manager.

But be careful: in Russia, civilians cannot access any weapon, according to a document from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime United Nations.

The law prohibits possession [de]: any long-barreled automatic firearm with a magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds; automatic firearms designed to imitate other models; armor-piercing bullets, etc. (Article 6 of the Federal Arms Law)”.



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