You are currently viewing Patricia Conde and Dani Martín meet again thirteen years after their breakup: "We were drunk all day"

  • The ex-partner, who broke their relationship in 2008, has been reunited on television

  • A surreal scene in which Dani Martín confesses to Patricia Conde that they would have had a child in common

Patricia Conde Y Dani Martin they formed one of the most legendary vip couples on couché paper. And that neither of them ever spoke of their intimacy during the almost two years that their courtship lasted. She was hitting it as the host of ‘I know what you did’. He was still the vocalist of ‘El Canto del Loco’. And the press haunted them almost daily. In between they had their comings and goings, the presence of the comedian at her boy’s concerts was constant. Until in 2008 we stopped seeing them together.

Dani Martín and Patricia Conde, during their relationshipCORDON PRESS

They never discussed the reasons for their separation. What they did confirm is that from that they built a friendship that has remained until today. Proof of this, their television reunion, in which the two have chosen to add humor to their common past to star in one of the most bizarre scenes that a famous ex-partner like hers has faced.

They have done it in ‘Nobody at the wheel’, a sketch sitcom starring Patricia Conde for Movistar +. In it, the presenter (in this case actress) pretends to be part of a crazy television newsroom. Every week, a familiar face is seen by the offices of this fictitious program. And this time it was Dani Martín. On the occasion of the promotion of the video clip of ‘How I would like to tell you‘, a song that he dedicates to his sister Miriam and that his ex seems to know by heart, both have recreated a surreal scene in which fiction and reality are mixed.

Dani Martín’s song to his deceased sister

The crazy years in which Patricia Conde and Dani Martín were dating

With his past relationship as the backbone of the plot, the singer stands at the job of the character that Conde plays to give him news. “I wanted to tell you something, it’s bullshit: we had a son”. The reaction of “Patri”, as he continues to affectionately call her, is to gape. Even more so when he tells her that His name is Manu, he is from Atleti (like his false father) and a mulatto. She still does not believe it, she blurts out that “if she had given birth she would remember”, and he asks her to remember how they lived the 2007 tour, the year in which they began their relationship in real life, where according to him “he was in all the concerts” and “they were drunk all day”.

“The truth is that I do not remember 2007,” she replies, referring to that stage in which they were engaged and in which Patricia Conde had not yet married or become a mother with Carlos Seguí, her ex-husband. “Yes it is true that for a few months I was more swollen,” she told him, playing that distracted girl character with whom she has been playing since her stage in ‘I know what you did’. This is to show that good vibes are possible after a breakup.


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