The spokeswoman for Más Madrid in the City Council of the capital, Rita Maestre, has urged the PP on Tuesday to “ask for forgiveness“to the people of Madrid for the uncertainty in which they remain after the cancellation of Madrid Central, by the Supreme Court (TS), and until the new Mobility ordinance is approved to announce, next line, that they will seek “concrete solutions “to restore the zone of low emissions.

The Supreme Court has published the judicial order in which it rejects the Appeal of Ecologists in Action against the Sentence of the Superior Court of Madrid (TSJM), which annulled at the end of July of last year by “formal defects“and at the request of the Community of Madrid.

Maestre highlighted at a press conference that Más Madrid will continue to push from the political front “with proposals, ideas and concrete solutions in the face of the lack of complete ambition of the PP“.

After being asked about the situation in which the drivers remain, whom the Government of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has asked to continue acting as if Madrid Central were still in force, Maestre has indicated that “Those responsible for this alleged legal limbo are those responsible for the PP, who are the ones who signed the appeal“which has led to the demolition of the low emission zone by the Supreme Court.

“First they should apologize Madrilenians for this temporary situation in which they do not know what is going to happen, “demanded Maestre, who finished off by saying that” a government cannot expect citizens to act for convictions or by assumptions but it has to set clear rules“.

The spokeswoman for Más Madrid sees a “leadership and responsibility are lacking“, in addition to being “not very serious for a government to recommend and say that people act as if but do not set norms“.

This “lack of leadership and responsibility was to be expected considering that in the last two years Almeida and (the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís) They have not raised their plan, their proposal, their action to reduce pollution in the city“.

Villacís’s “empty words” are not believed

After Villacís has declared that with the future ordinance new low emission zones will come into force, Maestre recalled that “She has been deputy mayor for two years thanks to the votes of Vox“–formation that has applauded the Supreme Court ruling–” and so far the Government has only obtained promises and denial of the actions carried out in the previous legislature “.

There is no credibility in what are but empty words against concrete facts because both Almeida and Villacís have worked firmly, constantly, actively to put an end to all the policies that made Madrid move forward “, referring to the Air Quality Plan, the bike lanes, the bus-vaos or the pedestrianization, in addition to Madrid Central.

“Tremendous setback for health”

More Madrid has defined of “tremendous setback for health“the decision of the Supreme.”Almeida has finally achieved his goal: Madrid Central appealed when he was in the opposition, he made the opposition to Madrid Central an important part of his electoral campaign, he did not defend the anti-pollution measures and did not propose any alternative, “Maestre lamented.

The result, the spokeswoman stressed, is that “the city is today more unprotected against contamination“and all while” the rest of European cities and the world advance, Madrid backs down eliminating for the first time in the history of Europe a zone of low emissions that was tremendously effective as it had reduced pollution in the city as a whole by 20 percent, “he said.


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