Who are 'DarkSide', the group of cybercriminals that has the United States in check

‘DarkSide’ is not the name of a metal band, or at least it is not who we are going to talk to you about today. It is a group of cybercriminals allegedly located in Eastern Europe and at this time, according to the FBIThey are very busy.

Since last Friday, and always as indicated by the FBI, these hackers have taken Colonial out of order, the largest pipeline network in the United States, due to a cyber attack perpetrated by ransomware.

The FBI claims that these cybercriminals They blocked access to the company’s computers and are now asking for money to free them.

Who are ‘DarkSide’?

As we said, it is a group of cybercriminals and everything indicates that they come from Eastern Europe, specifically from Russia. They use a ransomware of the same name as their group to attack companies and organizations.

Cyberattacks have increased 25% due to Internet vulnerabilities.

DarkSide is a variety of ransomware relatively new that made its first appearance in August 2020. DarkSide follows the RaaS (ransomware-as-a-service) model and according to Hack Forums, the DarkSide team recently announced that DarkSide 2.0 has been released. According to the group, it is equipped with the fastest encryption speed on the market and even includes versions of Windows and Linux.

Like many other ransomware variants, DarkSide follows the trend of double extortion, which means that threat actors not only encrypt user data, but first exfiltrate the data and threaten to make it public if the ransom demand is not paid.

According to specialized media, on its site on the darkweb the group has published stolen data on more than 40 victims, which are estimated to be only a fraction of the total number. Their ransom demands range from $ 200,000 to $ 2 million, and despite being a new group, the DarkSide team has already built a great reputation.

The effects of the attack

The clinic began receiving the first cyberattacks in September 2020.

The Colonial network, located in the state of Georgia, has had to interrupt its operations in the 8,850 kilometers of oil pipelines it manages and that are essential to supply the large population centers in the east and south of the North American country, since the company transports up to 2.5 million barrels of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel to that area per day from the refineries of the Gulf of mexico.

Its importance is vital for the east coast of the country, since is responsible for 45% of the transportation of fuels in that area, according to its website.

In a statement Sunday night, Colonial explained that its main lines for the transport of fuel remain out of service, but some smaller pipelines between terminals and delivery points are already operational.

The President of the USA, Joe Biden, This Sunday it lifted restrictions on the transport of fuel by road with the aim of avoiding any shortages before the closure of Colonial.

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