Peter Lim feels "compassion" for the Valencia fans and remember that it was Valencians who ruined the club

The employer assures that he does not sell the equipment and acknowledges that it has helped him to make business contacts

Peter Lim.E.M.

Peter Lim usually speaks very little. Not an interview in his six years at the helm of Valencia and only a few statements in the club’s official media allow us to have a record of his voice. However, just when this afternoon Valencianism took to the streets to protest its management, it spoke with Financial Times to show his version to criticism. “I feel compassion for the hobby, but among us, among friends, we say that the smallest things give you the biggest headaches,” he says.

Lim leaves some clues of something he has never admitted: why did I buy Valencia in 2014. “It was amazing for networking. Once we were having dinner, all the owners [de clubes], in one of the Champions League finals. You have sheikhs, kings, mafia, black, white and yellow. And we were arguing about: “Why did you buy this player so much?” We were like children. . . this sport can match it all. ”

The businessman also describes Valencia as a “winning card” that has allowed him to rub shoulders with stars like Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo.

He rejects that his intention was to do business. “I can do 101 things to make money and money that I think I can control better,” he said. “I wake up, I own a football club and I see what happens next. It’s nothing more,” he adds.

Lim insists that do not sell the Valencia and accuses opposition groups of positioning themselves to condition his future at the club. “They try to make sure that the club is not sold to anyone but them. These people argue ‘because we are Valencians, we know the club’. But with the Valencians, the club went bankrupt, right?”

The tycoon also warns about the cuts that have disengaged him from the fight for European competitions. “I don’t want to ruin [el club], but. . . [Valencia] He is 102 years old. I never won the Champions League and [los gestores anteriores] did they want to win it at all costs? They have stones on their heads. “

Nor is it in your plans to meet the city and finish the new stadium. “The debt in which we would have to incur simply is not sustainable”, assures while it hopes to find a “solution”.

On his position before the SuperligaLim believes that the football business is “broken”, but that the instigators have only thought of his interest. “You watch the Super League, it’s purely for them to survive, they don’t care about the fans. Why? Because … you have a broadcast audience of 100 million fans in Asia … Have they ever thought about local derbies, about The inconvenience of watching the game on Wednesday because I have to work the next day? They don’t care, “he says.

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