Will the things we lost with Covid return?

“In a remote corner of the universe, where innumerable solar systems twinkle, there was a star in which intelligent animals invented knowledge. That was the proudest and most liar minute in ‘world history’, but it was only a minute. After a few breaths of nature, the star froze and the intelligent animals had to die ”. This fable, with which one of the most beautiful Nietzschean writings begins, provides a mirror to reflect ourselves and a post to rethink ourselves. If we measured ourselves in sidereal times, only for an instant we inhabit this planet. In the brief passage of a life, very strong tentacles grow attached to customs, habits and ceremonies that seem installed forever.

Every Thursday I read the movie reviews and chose movies to see in the cinema. Serene and relaxed ritual of the few non-pochocleras rooms that resist the kitsch colonialism of nachos with mustard in a cardboard container. When work allowed, I left flâneurse (Wandering aimlessly is the materialization of freedom). Suddenly I entered a bar full of people – warm in winter, cool in summer – I contemplated the rain slowly behind the windows, I let myself be enveloped by the murmur of the crowd, we brushed against each other. Every weekend I rejoiced with endearing beings (or not so much). Jogging was done at any hour. We would crowd into houses or clubs. We visited museums. We used to hang out at barbecues, stadiums, and gyms.

Has everything ended or was it on hold? We only glimpse small postponed paradises. The specter of contagion flies over the world. The new normal is a pyrotechnic virus. We live at risk panmundial. The end of the scourge has not taken place. In the first isolations, the collective imaginaries were fed with the idea that in a couple of months it would be overcome. The state of things would resume its course, although not exempt from splinters, that is why a “new normal” was predicted, not normal again. For example, the chinstrap is likely to become a existential. Something constitutive of our way of being. A technical mutation of the species. Textile extension, double skin, supplement incorporated to the body scheme, perennial dildo.

We hear the singing of the sirens as we navigate through obstacles similar to the adventures of the Greek hero. The difference is that Ulysses was stalked by gigantic monsters, while our covidity stalking It is such a small monster that we do not even see it. But its destructive potential is relentless. Although not so much as to make us lose our illusions. And despite the fear and trembling (or thanks to them) the desire persists. We had so many possibilities and we were not aware! How many times do we let them pass!

Nostalgia for our recreational habits stings us. But the covid vampirizes, the infected person infects. Dracula is more frontal, at least he shows his fangs. However, dire situations can enable benefits. The writer and performer Lucas Fauno declares that his production intensified from the limit that life imposed on him: he is HIV-positive. “Before becoming HIV, I lacked class consciousness, nor did it occur to me to be a social activist. The best thing that the virus brought me was to politicize me ”, he says while fighting the disease, militates, educates, helps, he is happy and motivated. The obstacle awoke him from his dogmatic individualistic dream. It tries to capitalize on the experience and compares the covid 19 with HIV and its social consequences, encourages initiatives so that new forms of relationship emerge from the limits.

In prepandemic we did not notice certain opportunities, we left them for tomorrow. But today is tomorrow. Now or perhaps never is clear from the comment of this friend from Mendoza: “When the international isolation began I used to think (with secret envy) how much more bearable it would be to endure the quarantine on a Caribbean beach. Then I realized that many people might think how wonderful it would be to spend it at the foot of the Andes Mountains. There I became aware that before the pandemic I spent months without walking the mountain. I clicked, as soon as mountaineering was allowed, I started climbing every week ”.

Freedom is a game, on the one hand, we realize the autonomy we had and we don’t always take advantage of it. On the other hand, although we accept health strategies, we look for gaps between limitations, lines of flight. A little voice says that tomorrow may not be possible. Keeping finiteness in mind without melancholy and responsibly enriches existence.

In Pompeii, in the restored ruins of the Lupanares, the rooms dedicated to extreme pleasure boast colorful murals with death scenes. Keeping the end in mind stimulated enjoyment, it was an aphrodisiac (the Latin viagra). Drink up the faeces of the chalice of life. That same spirit encourages Horacio’s ode: “It may be that Jupiter grants you several winters, or it may be that this is the last; but you have to be wise, pour out the wine and forget the brevity sheltering yourself in the long hope. As we speak, time is slipping away from us. Take advantage of the moment! ”. Carpe Diem!

* * *

“Man is an invention whose recent date shows the archeology of our thinking. And perhaps also its next end. If certain dispositions disappeared, as they appeared and oscillated, as the soil of classical thought did, then one could bet that man would erase himself, like a face of sand at the limits of the sea ”. Those who read only this fragment of The words and the things, by Foucault, they argue that it announces “the death of (empirical) man.” But in reality it announces the probable disappearance of the object of study of the social sciences, a recent invention. (It should be clarified that inclusive language did not circulate at that time and man was equivalent to human / a / e). The kaleidoscopic movements of history and biology can rock the floor of our everyday freedoms, but from the cracks other legitimate freedoms emerge. Creativity, renewal, activism, affections, heavy exchanges of meaning that assume finitude with a jovial vision. According to the Borgean synthesis: “the fleeting today is tenuous and eternal, do not expect another heaven or another hell”.


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