Scandal: they denounce that a radical deputy kept half the salary of her advisers

The national deputy for Corrientes de la Radical Civic Union, Estela Regidor, was denounced by keep half of your consultants’ salaries. “Your receipt in hand says 80; well, 40 you have left and 40 you put in my savings,” the legislator is heard saying in scandalous audios that came to light. Regidor has already confirmed that she is the one who speaks in the recordings and requested a license in Congress.

The audios would give an account of a “reimbursement system” organized by the correntina with the salaries of its advisers, under the argument that “other deputies also do it.” In the recording, she also excuses herself in that she, unlike others, “makes donations.” “They don’t hire in black like I do,” added Regidor.

“Whoever disagrees tells me because today is the 25th and we can perfectly terminate the contract. You are going to charge 40 thousand pesos each one of you; I know that you will tell me that your family, and I also have a family, I have also stopped earning, I have stopped saving ”, the woman can be heard saying clearly.

In another recording, the legislator details the mechanism: “You have to have an envelope of each one, so when they give you you do the count, put the name and close the envelope, and I will tell you every month who you are going to. to hand over. You take care of them, I take care of what is mine. Mine is mine“.

This is not the first time that the Corrientes legislator has been involved in controversy. During the debate over the Pregnancy Termination Law in 2018, she drew a parallel between women and dogs to express her “heavenly” position.

“Sure many of you have pets What happens when a dog gets pregnant? We do not take her to the vet to have an abortion “, raised the radical Corrientes, after defining itself as a “protector” of animals.

For the closing an allusion to botany was reserved. “Does the woman carry a grapefruit, a tree or a dog in her womb?” He asked himself and then finished off: “No, she carries something of the same species, and is called a son.”

Regidor’s explanations

The scandal was such that the deputy issued a statement this morning, published on the website of the UCR’s block of national deputies, in which she alleges that the audios were edited. However, at the same time he clarifies that he will request a license from his bank and will appear before the Justice to investigate these facts.

In the text, the deputy explains that the audios were recorded during “a conversation that took place in January” and clarifies that they were edited with the “manifest intention” to harm her.

“Secondly, I want to clarify that in no way my intention, in that conversation with my team of advisers, was to request money from their salaries for myself. The intention, which was made clear in the long conversation that was maliciously edited, was to ask them to collaborate with other peopleHow I help people with a vulnerable social situation with part of my diet, “he continued.

According to the deputy, the edition “suppressed” a part of the talk. “In one of the audios that are circulating, it is possible to hear that I explain that I help financially people who need it and that I asked them for the same solidarity,” he alleges.

Finally, she said she was confident that the Justice could separate her from the accusations. “The license request is intended not to compromise the block of deputies of the UCR and my peers from the other political forces,” he clarifies. On the end, he defines himself as “an honest person” who can “perfectly” demonstrate his heritage.

“This can be seen in my sworn statements, which attest that my assets have not changed since I entered the public service. I also have a strong faith and commitment to those most in need has always been a guiding principle for me in my life. “, he concluded.


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