Fainé and Brufau unload Villarejo's hiring on their subordinates

Antonio Brufau, current president of Repsol, and Isidro Fainé, former president of CaixaBank and also former vice president of the energy company, have paraded this Friday before the investigating judge of the Villarejo case to testify as accused of the espionage operation in 2011 against Luis del Rivero, former president of Sacyr. Two of the historical executives of the Ibex 35 have admitted that they knew of the implementation by their companies of a “business intelligence” plan against their adversary, who was then trying to gain control of Repsol with the help of the Mexican oil company. Pemex, but they have denied that they committed any illegality. In fact, Fainé has attributed the initiative to Brufau and he, for his part, has discharged the responsibility on his subordinates.

The appearances have lasted for about two hours. First, Fainé has declared, who has assured Judge Manuel García-Castellón that he does not have “the slightest knowledge of the actions that were carried out” by Cenyt, the group of companies run by commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, who became with confidential data of the victims, including their call traffic. “I did not participate in the selection, or in the hiring, or in the payment of the supplier. Nor did he have the slightest idea of ​​the company that Repsol had hired, nor of who Mr. Villarejo was. Not much less if an active police officer had been hired ”, assured the former president of CaixaBank, thus putting the ball on the roof of the current Repsol leadership.

“Brufau told me that it would be convenient to have more business information about the Sacyr-Pemex pact, in order to respond to it from a corporate dimension”, continued the former president of CaixaBank and former vice president of Repsol: “Brufau informed me that Repsol had already hired a commission, which was carried out by his director of corporate security, and he proposed that I share the information about the pact ”. Along these lines, he added that the conversation he had with his counterpart at Repsol was generic, that they never went into the details of the assignment, according to legal sources.

But Brufau has also thrown balls out. According to sources present in his statement, Repsol’s top executive has admitted that he spoke with Fainé on the matter and that he gave a general instruction to his subordinates to be attentive to Del Rivero’s offensive. But he added that he never knew that Villarejo was hired for it, nor what concrete actions were carried out. As he has repeated, he is so high in the company that these details do not reach him and that, what is more, there are many intermediate levels between the Presidency of Repsol and the Security area of ​​the company that took over the services of the plot.

Corporate intelligence areas

In addition, according to Brufau, he informed Fainé that “it would be good” if the “corporate intelligence areas” of both companies “cooperate to deepen the investigation. But, “at no time did he give any instructions to have Cenyt’s services,” Repsol insisted this Friday through a statement. “I never ever gave any instruction in this regard,” Brufau reiterated to the instructor. “Brufau’s actions, as explained in court, were directed at all times, solely and exclusively, to safeguard the legitimate interests of all Repsol shareholders, including La Caixa,” sources close to the president of the Spanish oil company have confirmed. .

The accusation of both is based on several legs, as described by the judge in an April order. First, in a document intervened in the plot detailing a meeting with the security chiefs of both companies, commissioners on leave of absence Miguel Ángel Fernández Rancaño (CaixaBank) and Rafael Araujo (Repsol). The objective of that appointment was “to discuss the commission carried out and examine how the investigation was progressing.” And, according to the magistrate, it includes indications that show that Brufau “reported directly through Araujo” and that, in addition, he shared the data with Fainé.

As a second leg, there is an internal Repsol report that also “points to the intervention” of the president of the energy company in the hiring of the Villarejo companies and in the decision to work cooperatively with CaixaBank. To this is added a third: those responsible for security of both companies “recognized” the judge that the investigation into Rivero was a “joint reaction promoted” by the two presidents. “Rancaño, in his judicial statement as investigated on December 15, 2020, indicated that, after receiving the reports prepared from Villarejo, he directly dispatched these issues with Fainé, as one more point of the meetings that both held,” emphasizes García-Castellón in one of his writings.

Fainé has admitted this Friday that he discussed the issue with Rancaño in some “meeting”: “But the information he provided me on this matter was of very little interest, and he never gave me reports or documents or spoke to me about conversations or personal information about Del Rivero ”. Brufau has assured, however, that he never dealt directly with Araujo on this issue: “Never.” Between both companies they paid more than 400,000 euros to the plot.

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