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The National Court hears the petition of the defense of the family to file the case against the wife of the former president due to her state of health

Jordi Pujol, in an appearance in April on TV3.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor has presented this Friday its indictment against the Pujol family. The former president of the Generalitat claims nine years in prison for the crimes of belonging to an illicit association (four years) and money laundering (five years).

The highest penalty corresponds to his first-born, Jordi Pujol Ferrusola, who is claimed a total of 29 years in prison. In his case, five tax offenses are added (three years each) and one crime of frustrating the execution (another two years), for having disposed of assets with which he had to face debts.

The accusation extends to the rest of the children (there are seven), because all members of the family participated in the criminal activity. Each one is asked for five years in prison, except for Josep, who is 14. “Acting together, they concealed, at least since 1991, a huge amount of money in Andorra, as a result of favoring certain businessmen to be awarded different public tenders of the Catalan public administration “, says Anticorrupcin.

Marta Ferrusola, out

On the other hand, Marta Ferrusola, the wife of the former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia Jordi Pujol, is out of the investigation that the National Court is following on her family’s assets.

Judge Santiago Pedraz has filed the case for her based on her state of health.

In a car, the head of the Central Court of Instruction 5 has thus agreed to the request made by the defense of Ferrusola, who had requested the file for her alleging that she suffers from dementia and providing medical documentation to prove it.
Ferrusola was prosecuted for allegedly integrating, together with his family, a criminal organization destined to accumulate an “excessive patrimony directly related to economic perceptions derived from corrupt activities.”

In his order, Pedraz indicates that “the circumstances that concur in the present case and that are described by the forensic doctor must be taken into account.”

The facts investigated by the instructor could be constitutive of crimes of criminal organization or illicit association, money laundering, against the Public Treasury and documentary falsification.

The judge files for Marta Ferrusola the investigation into the Pujol heritage due to their state of health

Santiago Pedraz attends, in this way, to the request of the Prosecutor, who requested a forensic medical examination and, once carried out, decided not to oppose the file, without prejudice to the transfer to the Public Ministry of the reports incorporated into the procedure with object to urge before the civil jurisdiction his incapacitation.

The forensic doctor concluded that Ferrusola suffers from moderately severe Alzheimer’s disease of five years of evolution.

“As indicated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the circumstances that concur in the present case and that are described by the forensic doctor (…) with this it is necessary to order the filing of these proceedings,” the magistrate specified in his resolution .

The Pujol Ferrusola family will go to trial in the next few months for the crimes of criminal organization or illicit association, money laundering, crime against the Public Treasury or documentary falsification.

Last April, the National Court repaid the instruction of Jos de la Mata and bring the case to trial.

The procedure started The reason for the hidden inheritance in Andorra of former president Jordi Pujol in 2014 and to put Pujol, his seven children and 18 other people on the bench, most of them entrepreneurs.

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