Mallorca: Germans report on the death of their daughter - it is outrageous what then comes to light

Mallorca: Germans report on the death of their daughter – it is outrageous what then comes to light

Mallorca: Something unbelievable happened on the island. (Symbol image)

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Incredible incident on the island Mallorca!

Actually, parents had up in court Mallorca talked about her daughter’s death, but then something monstrous came to light.

Mallorca: 47-year-old German is said to have done THAT

But from the beginning: As the “Mallorcazeitung” reports, the case is about a 47-year-old German. This worked as a regional manager at a solar energy company Mallorca. However, her company charged her with fraud.


This is the Balearic island of Mallorca:

  • Mallorca is an island in the western Mediterranean, part of Spain
  • is about 170 kilometers from the mainland
  • Population around 896,000 people (as of 2019)
  • The capital of the island is called Palma, where they also speak Catalan
  • largest island that belongs to Spain


Over a longer period of time, she is said to have acquired company assets of around one million euros. In November 2020 there was a court hearing in Palma (Mallorca). But the accused did not appear in court.

Mallorca: Germans report in court about the death of their daughter

Instead of the 47-year-old, her parents appeared in court and presented a death certificate. According to this, her daughter is said to have died in a car accident in Rostock in March 2020.


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But the management mistrusted the death certificate presented on Mallorca. They hired a private detective to look into the case.

Mallorca: private detective finds out incredible things

And in fact, his search for the Germans should not remain fruitless. According to the “Mallorcazeitung”, he found a trace on social media and came to the conclusion that the 47-year-old woman might continue to live on Mallorca with a new identity – more precisely in Santa Ponça.

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In the end, it was a giant poodle who led the investigators to the address of the supposedly deceased Germans. Since these dogs are very rare on the island, the detectives observed the well-known walks and finally discovered a dog that matched the photos on social media.

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The 47-year-old man led the detectives unintentionally to their address in Mallorca. They lived in a luxurious chalet in Santa Ponça. An expensive car was also registered for the woman. She had only changed one letter in her last name. The detective agency handed over the results of the investigation to the Guardia Civil in Calvià (Mallorca). This struck on May 3 and arrested the allegedly deceased. After she was brought before the judge, she was released conditionally. (gb)


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