The digestive pathologies, and more specifically bloating, are common causes of medical and pharmaceutical consultation. Abdominal bloating is usually caused by excess gas, by constipation, by heaviness in digestion, by intolerance to certain components of food or by conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, among other causes.

At a general level, especially when the reason is food malabsorption, this swelling tends to disappear without the need for medical treatment, although it will depend on the origin and the diagnosis of health professionals. In any case, It is essential to acquire healthy lifestyle habits, such as maintaining a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, or play sports on a regular basis.

In this sense, there are plants that, due to their medicinal properties, alleviate the associated discomfort such as ginger, milk thistle, fennel, licorice or cascara sagrada, as explained by the pharmacist Ricardo Folgado, member of Medicinal Plants of the Official College of Pharmacists Valencia.

What plants contain medicinal properties for digestion?

Undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding that can be ingested as an infusion is the ginger. Traditionally used for dizziness and vomiting, this root composed of gingerols and sogaols is accepted for the treatment of symptoms of digestive disorders, such as “Mild spasmodics of the gastrointestinal tract including bloating and flatulence”, adds the pharmacist, Josep Allue, member of Medicinal Plants of the Official College of Pharmacists of Barcelona.

Fennel is another medicinal plant that can be consumed as an infusion and which is used for “the symptomatic treatment of mild spasmodic digestive disorders”, such as a bloated stomach, gas or flatulence, adds the pharmacist, Irene Suárez. Another alternative is known as cascara sagrada, a plant that contributes to the stimulation of intestinal transit and favors secretions due to its laxative effect.

One of the classic infusions to alleviate any digestive symptoms is, without a doubt, that of manzanilla. This plant facilitates digestion and prevents the formation of gases in the body, so it is ideal if you experience heaviness. In addition, peppermint prevents the appearance of gas after eating and reduces inflammation.


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