They do not consider it proven, also unanimously, that at the time of the crime he suffered a psychotic outbreak

Alberto, at the time of the arrest, was 26 years old.THE WORLD

The popular jury has considered guilty unanimously to Alberto SG., known as ‘el cannibal de Ventas’, of killing, butchering and eating part of his mother’s body after an argument at the victim’s house in 2019, without excuses or mitigations due to mental problems.

Legal sources have informed Efe that this has been the decision of the popular jury in charge of trying the facts, that met yesterday Tuesday at noon to deliberate and gave his verdict late this afternoon.

The nine members of the jury -Six women and three men- They have considered unanimously proven that the accused committed the murder, then he sectioned the body and ingested some parts.

On the other hand, they do not consider it proven, also unanimously, that at the time of the crime suffered a psychotic outbreak, nor that excuses or mitigations can be applied to it, detail the sources.

The Fifth Section of the Provincial Court of Madrid held between April 19 and May 4 the trial in which the Prosecutor requested fifteen years and five months in prison for the defendant for murder and desecration of the corpse, considering that he was “in full mental faculties” when the facts that the jury now sees as proven occurred.

Defense strategy

His defense recognized in its final conclusions the crime of homicide but requested a incomplete defense for psychiatric disorder that he suffers, so that he was only sentenced to three years and six months in prison; Or, alternatively, that a highly qualified mitigation be applied, so that he was sentenced to six years and four months in prison.

He added that it was not proven that the defendant ate parts of his mother, so there would be no desecration of corpse, and maintained that he is a “sick” person on whom it cannot be ruled out that he suffered a psychotic outbreak on the day of the crime, as he had had on previous occasions.

During his right to have the last word last Friday Alberto he changed his speech with regard to the first day of trial, in which he said that he did not remember the crime or what he did in the following days, and asked for forgiveness, assuring that he suffers “every day.”

“I am very sorry, totally; I suffer from anxiety since I wake up, I think of my mother and my soul falls to the ground, “he told the popular jury, and apologized to his family and” to all women and mothers. “

Throughout the trial, several police officers reported that the young man – in 2019 he was 26 years old – counted after his arrest, spontaneously and calmly, how he had killed Mara Soledad, had chopped her up with a saw and knives and eaten some parts cooked and others raw, even assuring that he did it because “it made his life impossible”, and that he does not regret it.

Then several forensic doctors who evaluated him both when he was arrested and in prison certified that it is not proven that he has a psychotic pathologyAlthough at times he has exaggerated to simulate it, but he does suffer from a disorder with paranoid and narcissistic traits and suffered psychotic outbreaks several times in the previous moments for which he was admitted.

After the verdict of the jury, the Chamber will draft in the next few days the judgment correspondent.

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