"Queen of Madrid", "scourge against the left"… this is how the international press reacted to Ayuso’s resounding triumph

The triumph of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the elections of May 4 has received the attention of the international press, that coincide in the crushing victory, although a good part of them point out that it has not obtained the absolute majority that it was looking for, so the pacts will be fundamental.

The English public channel BBC has underlined the “defeat of the left” against Ayuso, in what they have described as a “fierce electoral battle”. “The conservative leader of the Community of Madrid (Spain) has obtained a resounding victory after a fierce electoral battle. She challenged the central government led by the Socialists by keeping the bars and shops of Madrid open during the pandemic,” they have said in an article.

Other English medium like The Guardian has titled that “The Popular Party wins the tight elections in Madrid, but without obtaining a majority.” This medium has focused its article in the support they will need from “the extreme right”, and add the “painful night” of Pedro Sánchez and his former coalition partner, Pablo Iglesias.

The British newspaper Financial Times He has described Ayuso’s victory as “impressive” and the Socialist defeat as “humiliating”. “The conservative Popular Party of Spain won a spectacular victory in a fundamental regional election in Madrid, doubling its vote, inflicting a humiliating defeat on the country’s ruling socialists and causing the resignation of the leader of the radical left-wing Podemos party. “

BBC article on Ayuso.
BBC article on Ayuso.

The American chain NBC News, has headed the article saying that “the Madrid legislator who opposed the blocking restrictions (of the coronavirus) wins the elections.” “Isabel Díaz Ayuso, defender of relaxing measures against the coronavirus and a scourge against the handling of the pandemic by the left-wing central government won a solid victory in regional elections. The Madrid region is the main economic engine of Spain and the most active transport center in the country “, they collect from the other side of the pond.

“Ayuso awakens the Spanish right and destabilizes the left”

Media from countries closer to Spain such as France and Italy have also collected in several articles the results of the elections last Tuesday.

The world, one of the French media of reference, has indicated that Isabel Díaz Ayuso “It has awakened the Spanish right and destabilized the left”, in reference to Pablo Iglesias’ abandonment of politics. “The conservative Popular Party will be able to govern the Community of Madrid on her own, after the disappearance of the centrist Citizens party from the regional parliament. The leader of the radical left, Pablo Iglesias, after the check, leaves politics.” I hope that the innkeepers have had a good day “he said from the top of the balcony of the headquarters of the PP, dedicating his electoral victory to the owners of the restaurants.”

Le Monde article on Ayuso.
Le Monde article on Ayuso.

Le Figaro, another French medium, has focused its article on the architect of this victory: “It is above all from Isabel Díaz Ayuso, 42, that had made Pedro Sánchez his only rival and had as its motto “Freedom”.

From Italy, the Corriere della Sera It also includes Iglesias’ abandonment of politics and the “earthquake” that all this has caused, where they describe Diaz Ayuso as “the queen of Madrid”. “He wins for his war against closures, for the opportunity to have a beer in the square at 11 at night. Masks and distance yes, but closures no.”

Ayuso celebrates his victory in the elections.

“The central government reacted to the virus with an old-fashioned instinct, closing bars because of distrust of individuals, increasing taxes because they distrust entrepreneurs and centralizing the economy. The Ayuso regional administration, on the other hand, is liberal, individualistic: it has left the bars open because it prefers money in the pockets of citizens and believes in private initiative, in freedom, “said the Italian media.

In Germany the Frankfurter Allgemeine they are limited to headline with a concise “the conservatives triumph in Madrid”, although the text of the article asks “if its greater influence will give place to a new turn to the right of the PP”.


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