The Community of Madrid has dyed this 4-M in blue, with the exception of two of the 179 municipalities that comprise it, which are still in red. One is Fuentidueña del Tajo, located 55 minutes by car from Puerta del Sol, heading east and on the A-3. To get to the second, The Atazar, you have to travel 93 kilometers from the capital, heading north and on the A-1.

On Fuentidueña del Tajo the majority force in the autonomic 4-M has been the PSOE. It obtained 34.05% of the votes, ahead of the PP, which garnered 30.73% of the vote. The third force in the municipality is Más Madrid (13.12%), followed by Vox (9.88%) and Unidas Podemos (9.05%).

With a census of 1,636 votersThree-quarters of the Fuentidueñeros (74%) went to the polls to vote for the majority Socialist again, although this time in a lower proportion than two years ago.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has received some “borrowed vote” from the PSOE in Fuentidueña. The mathematics say it. In 2019 the PSOE obtained 54.24% of the votes (610 votes) and Ángel Gabilondo has only maintained 410. Meanwhile, the PP has risen from 182 votes in 2019 to 370 in 2021. The sum of the votes won this time by the other leftist formations (69 from Más Madrid and 35 from Unidos Podemos) do not add up to the total 210 socialist votes lost along the way.

If you look at the consistory that came out of the municipal 2019, It is seen that Fuentidueña is a clearly pro-PSOE municipality, with 7 socialist councilors, one from the PP and the other from a local brand (Independent Citizen Alternative FDT).

The mayor is called José Antonio Domínguez ChacónHe is a socialist and has his mobile phone available to the entire municipality and published on the Internet.

“We are the reddest town in the Community of Madrid”

In his cover letter on the municipal website, Domínguez writes that his is “a municipality full of life, located in a privileged place” next to the Tagus River, “which makes us have a fertile plain for agriculture”.

In telephone conversation with 20minutos, the first mayor says “proud to continue in red” after 4-M and tells that the socialist party has won all the elections of democracy. His explanation for this is that “by roots” this is “a working-class people.” He acknowledges that they are falling in votes, “to one side and another”, but celebrates that they are maintained and highlights that the left forces are in the majority. “We are the reddest town in the Community of Madrid.”

According to Domínguez, this is a true reflection of the work in the City Council, where they understand “politics as a tool to make life better for people.” Take the opportunity to ask the winner of the elections, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, that the Community does not abandon you for not having voted blue and reminds him that he needs “a variant from the M-831 to the M-326 so that the high-tonnage trucks that transport the vegetables from the Tajo valley to Mercamadrid do not go through the children’s house and the senior center of Fuentidueña “.

In his cover letter on the web, the mayor encourages you to visit “the Castillo de Santiago, La Fuente Salobre, La Iglesia de San Andres, La Torre del Reloj, La Vega del Tajo and finally El Puente de Hierro. “The Fuentidueñeros are open people and we welcome our visitors with pleasure,” he says.

The Atazar

To get to The Atazar, a municipality that presides over the reservoir of the same name, you have to go up to the north of the region. There they have a concise census (88 people). This 4-M 64 votes, 24 abstentions and one null vote were counted.

The The most voted electoral list was the socialist one with a total of 22 votes, by 18 from the PP, 8 from Más Madrid, 7 from Unidas Podemos and 6 from Vox. The mayor, a socialist, is Juan Pablo Lozano García.

But the PSOE has also fallen in this municipality, two votes less (24 to 22), while the PP has risen from 14 to 18. Here, More Madrid has jumped from 3 to 8 and United we can has risen from 4 to 11. While Vox He has repeated the same six votes that he already obtained in the 2019 ordinary elections.

On their website, an avatar of the Atazareño Isidoro reveals the history to the visitors, Saverio recommends places to eat or sleep, while Sole gives clues to spend a pleasant day.

That there are only two red towns in all of Madrid, Fuentidueña de Tajo and El Atazar, demonstrates the overwhelming victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the 2021 regional elections, where until the traditional red belt of Madrid, the south and the Henares corridor, has been completely dyed blue.


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