Francisco Javier Merino de la Cuesta, ex-husband of model Mar Flores, is once again a protagonist of the BOE due to the delicate financial situation of its companies. Since in 2013 the bankruptcy of several of its companies was declared –Star Petroleum Red, Multipromotur y Multipetróleos-, the bank and other creditors have not stopped on your heels with the sole objective of collecting part of your debts.

In 2019, Banco Santander got a Madrid judge to put up for auction a 400 meter penthouse located on Santander Street, owned by Star Petroleum. The Cantabrian entity claimed a debt of 1.2 million euros from the businessman. That property went up for auction for 2.5 million. That same year, the same court, Mercantil number 10 in Madrid, urged, also in favor of the Cantabrian bank, the auction of unbuilt land in the town of Bezana (Cantabria) and a commercial premises in San Sebastián de los Reyes to try to recover almost 650,000 euros.

New judicial setback for Javier Merino, they seize a gas station

The confidant

The trickle of foreclosures against the assets of their companies has been continuous, since just two months ago Liberbank managed to get that same court, the Mercantile Court number 10 in Madrid, to urge the foreclosure of a farm in Canet de Mar, in Barcelona, ​​on which a gas station rises. With that auction, Liberbank expected recover the slightly more than 2.3 million euros claiming Star Petroleum Red and Multipromotur. The auction price on that occasion amounted to just over five million euros.

Now, two months later, the businessman finds a new embargo and judicial auction. On this occasion, the creditor is not a bank, but a company called Glencar, which claims almost 800,000 euros from Multipromotur. An amount that he hopes to be able to recover with the auction of a 264-square-meter house on Calle Menéndez Pidal 19, which goes up for auction for 1.7 million euros. The house is not Javier Merino’s habitual residence.

Photo: Javier Merino and Mar Flores, in a file image.  (Gtres)

Javier Merino’s companies have been part of the list of defaulters with the Treasury for years. Star Petroleum Red maintains a debt with the State of 1.2 million euros. This oil company was linked to numerous illustrious surnames of the Madrid and Arab ‘jet set’, such as Javier Merino or Massoud Zandi, and was valued at 300 million euros. Another of its companies, Multipromotur, which is now being ‘executed’, continues to maintain a debt of 1.06 million euros with the Treasury, while Multipetróleos continues to owe the public coffers 1.2 million.

Javier Merino’s best-known business was his mythical Fortuny room in Madrid, but it was not his main activity. The businessman devoted himself primarily to small-scale distribution and sale of fuel through different companies. Today, most of them are in different phases of bankruptcy or have become extinct. And the banks and their creditors see the only option to collect their debts from auctioning the real estate or assets of their companies.

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