From Kant to 'Lady Madrid': the Madrid dictionary of the 4-M electoral campaign

They still serve cañas and patatas bravas in Madrid. It should be remembered because the day of reflection has also served to verify it. The 15 days of the campaign ended this Sunday. There have been two weeks of riots in social networks, where even President Ayuso touched King Felipe’s waist during an act. Monarchy or freedom. Or all set, what difference does it make. This is a guide not to get lost with the most commented on social networks by politicians during these 14 days of the campaign:

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Immanuel Kant. You have to start at the end. Ángel Gabilondo dressed as a teacher on Sunday. The socialist candidate closed his campaign by citing the German philosopher at the last rally of the campaign. Up on stage and in the middle of his speech he said: “And now I have to quote Kant, I already know that …”, he observed. Quoting Kant in Madrid already seems to be an act of rebellion, but Gabilondo and his “I already know that …” continued: “It turns out that there is a text out there, that it is not mandatory to have read, but it does not hurt , in which Kant asks himself: ‘Is the human race going towards the best?’ The answer colleagues, friends and friends, you will never forget. What Kant said was: ‘That depends on what we do.’

Yes we Bal. If at the beginning of the campaign the Citizens launched the t-shirts Madrileños by EdmundoLast Saturday, during a ceremony in the Plaza Dos de Mayo, a group of supporters appeared by surprise with posters that emulated the slogan of “Yes, we can”Of Barack Obama, but in the manner of Ciudadanos. Don’t panic. “Yes, we Bal!” They chanted. In short: the party’s creatives have either gone to the PP or will leave immediately.

Cayetanos and pigtails. The more Cayetano of the cayetanos is Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, who this Sunday announced in The reason that he was going to vote for Ayuso, in case there were many doubts. His interview was one of the most commented on in the social gathering in the tweet yard. And pigtails; One day before the start of the campaign, the national deputy of Vox, Macarena Olona, ​​published a message on her social networks with an insult to Pablo Iglesias: “Rat pigtails.” These attacks have been used throughout the campaign by Vox’s social networks.

Lady Madrid. The president of New Generations of the PP, Beatriz Fanjul, attended this Saturday the great act of the popular ones. Smiling, he took the stand, grabbed the microphone and said: “Who has been the first person to stand up to the Sánchez government? Who has been the first, not only to create one hospital, but two for our patients? ”. That, who. “Ayuso,” said Fanjul, who continued: “Ayuso is Lady Madrid,” referring to a Leiva song. Ayuso is a woman with capital letters. It is that it is not necessary to experiment more ”. Far from stopping there and ending up high, he gave an unexpected slip: “Do you know what they say that the bad known is better than the good to be known? Well, that’s Ayuso! ”. The singer, annoyed, has asked not to use the song anymore. “Don’t touch her.”

Get up and go. The second meeting of the candidates in the SER chain it was the great turning point of the campaign. He monopolized the conversation of the networks for days. It was all very fast. Without the PP in the radio studio, the candidate Rocío Monasterio questioned the bullet threats that Pablo Iglesias has received and he got up instantly. There was no time to even greet each other. Iglesias got up immediately. “That, get up and get out,” Monastery shouted. The PP – who did not attend the appointment and listened to him on the radio – put a message on his Twitter account: “Iglesias, close when you leave. May 4th”. After a while, with the media uproar, they erased it. And they pretended nothing had happened here. Freedom or delete immediately.

Live the Madrilenian way. President Ayuso explained on Friday in the radio program of Federico Jiménez Losantos what her famous phrase means “to live in Madrid”. This is his version: “Madrid, like Spain, like the King, belong to everyone. Living in Madrid is fighting every day and doing things. In attitude is the food in life. Being from Madrid is an attitude in life. […] Madrid is Spain. When they say nationalism I say let’s not get confused. […] Here we have given ourselves a prosperous society and if that makes some envy … ”.

Menstrual hygiene. More Madrid marked the campaign’s media agenda on April 13 with a proposal. The party proposed a package of measures to end the so-called menstrual poverty in the region that, according to data from the organization, affects 20% of women, who have problems paying for pads and tampons due to their high cost. They also guaranteed, if they become president, that all hospitals, schools, cultural centers and other public buildings in the Community of Madrid, just as they already offer water, soap and toilet paper for free.

The PSOE canvas in the Plaza del Callao. KIKE TO

The tarps. The bargain of these elections has been to live in the blocks of buildings that the parties have used to hang a large electoral canvas – with the money that is worth. This is how community damage is fixed. The PSOE put the first at the height of Callao, a coveted corner in plain view: “After the photo, the Government of Colón. Program seriously. Ángel Gabilondo ”. Later, Ciudadanos put another huge one next to the Wizink Center where – what a coincidence – Ayuso was going to give his last rally on Sunday. Those of Edmundo Bal posted the five insults of the campaign: “Traitor. Fascist. Bitter. Parasite. Rat”. This was the patio. On Friday, More Madrid put hers at number 69 on Gran Vía —the number of the absolute majority in the Assembly, wink, wink— with the face of his candidate and President Ayuso: “… And so different. The remedy against Ayuso is called Mónica García ”, read the poster. Only the PP has not used the big posters. Vox, yes, placed his in the Cercanías de la Puerta del Sol. “4,700 euros per ore and your grandmother 426 euros for a pension.” It was another fake hoax. And they did not apologize.

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