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  • Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Fran Rivera separated almost twenty years ago. Now, the bullfighter shares his life with the designer Lourdes Montes.

  • In addition, Lourdes and Eugenia maintain a great relationship and have recorded it through social networks.

  • Thus, the designer has praised Eugenia’s new jewelry collection. Although there are also other celebrities who maintain an excellent relationship with their ex’s partners.

Getting along with your ex is not easy. And much less will it be to have a good relationship with his partner. Although yes, as some of our celebrities have shown us, it is not impossible. Sample of it is the wonderful relationship between Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Lourdes Montes. The daughter of the Duchess of Alba was married to Fran Rivera for four years and, in addition, from their relationship Tana was born. The truth is that both have always been a very good ex-partner and we have not been able to know conflicts between them.

Lourdes praised Eugenia’s new jewelry collection

Therefore, it is not surprising that such an important person in Fran’s life, such as Lourdes, his current wife, did not have an excellent relationship with Eugenia. A) Yes, to support the XII Duchess of Montoro, Lourdes has worn several of the jewels from your collection through social networks. Thus, the young woman has shared, with her more than 150 thousand followers, two earrings, in the shape of a giraffe and a savanna tree. In the instastories, where she has mentioned the jewels, Lourdes has commented: “Congratulations for this Save Eugenia by Tous collection, unique, different from everything and supportive, just like you.”

Lourdes has clarified, at different times, that her husband Fran is also a close friend of Eugenia. Yes indeed, their relationship faltered a few years ago, when the bullfighter used his social networks to explain his discomfort with the custody regime of Tana. Rivera considered that it was not fair that a father could not enjoy the process of caring for his children, but did have to pay child support. A point of view that Lourdes also supported.

But it seems that after clarifying that misunderstood, the waters returned to their course. “The best thing for Cayetana is that her parents get along. They have no problem and they have always tried for their tranquility and stability ”, explained Lourdes trying to settle the issue. Now, it seems that the relationship between the three is more than consolidated and they have managed to put their differences aside for the good of their family. But, What other celebrities are in a relationship with their ex’s partners?

Marc Anthony and Álex Rodríguez have a very good relationship

Marc Anthony maintains a very good relationship with Álex Rodrí

This has also been the case for Álex Rodríguez and Marc Anthony for a long time. The now ex of Jennifer López had a great relationship with the singer, something that they evidenced through their social networks, where they shared photos and videos together. In addition, not only did the two of them get along, but JLo had a good relationship with the one who was girlfriend of Marc Anthony, Rafaella Modugno and the four have shared concerts and compliments.

So much so that they have even partied together.

So much so that they have even partied

How do you get to have a good relationship with your ex and his partner?

It is something very important and more if there are children involved. Maintaining a good relationship between the family will be essential for the development and growth of the little ones. Therefore, the first thing is to get along with your ex. For that, it will be essential to leave the past behind, since this can become a burden that does not let you advance. Of course, it is not essential that you be friends, but you do have a cordial relationship.

Also, it will be important that do not argue about things that have no solution. No need to continue insisting on an issue that is difficult to resolve and, above all, to which you have not been able to reach a consensus, which does not mean that you do not stand firm and always defend your position. In this way, you will know how to respect yourself and respect others. Another very important topic will be know how to forgive and, above all, that you know how to forgive yourself. Otherwise the only thing that will happen is that hatred, anger, guilt, revenge will be fed …

Getting along with your ex and their partner will be essential.

Getting along with your ex and their partner will be

In addition, it will be essential that you behave like a compassionate and understanding person, with the other person and, above all, with yourself. In this way, the other person will understand that you are above any conflict and, also, that you can overcome it. This attitude will allow you to overcome the resentment and leave behind that baggage that, at times, can be heavy. In this way, once you have been able to overcome all these issues, the relationship with your ex’s partner can also be fluid.


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