In a very wide range of electoral crimes can be incurred, either by citizens in general, such as partisan, public and electoral officials; notaries, their own candidates and even ministers of religious cults, among others.

The General Law on Electoral Crimes It contemplates different penalties, according to whoever commits the criminal behavior.

The legislation provides from six months to three years in prison for citizens who, for example, proselytize or objectively pressure voters the day of the election day inside the polls or in the place where the voters are formed.

Also if you organize a meeting or transportation of voters on Election Day, in order to influence the direction of the vote.

For example, if it is an electoral official, a prison term of two to six years will be imposed, if it alters in any way, substitutes, destroys, commercializes or makes an illicit use of documents related to the Federal Register of Voters, Voter Register or List of Voters; or alter the election results, steal or destroy ballots, documents or electoral materials.

In the case of a partisan official, he could reach prison of two to six years, in case of committing conduct such as exerting pressure or inducing voters to vote or abstain from voting for a candidate, political party or coalition, on the day of the election. election or in one of the three days prior to it.

Also if it hinders the normal development of the vote or disclose, publicly and maliciously, false news about the development of the electoral day or regarding its results.

A public servant would reach prison of two to nine years if he coerces or threatens his subordinates to participate in pre-campaign or campaign proselytizing events, pFor them to vote or abstain from voting for a candidate, political party or coalition.

Or if it conditions the provision of a public service, compliance with government programs, the granting of concessions, permits, licenses, authorizations, franchises, exemptions or the performance of public works, within the scope of its competence, to the casting of the vote in favor of a pre-candidate, candidate, political party or coalition; to abstention from the exercise of the right to vote or to the commitment not to vote in favor of a pre-candidate, candidate, party or coalition.

The legislation indicates that a fine of one hundred to five hundred days will be imposed on ministers of religious worship who, in the development of acts proper to their ministry, or who in the exercise of religious cult, pressure the direction of the vote or expressly induce the electorate to vote or abstain from voting for a candidate, political party or coalition.

Notaries public will be imposed a hundred up to five hundred days fine yes, being obliged, unjustifiably refuses to attest to facts or certify documents concerning the election


The citizen can denounce who:

* Seizes, destroys, alters, possesses, markets or supplies voter credentials, nominal list, electoral records and packages

* Request votes in exchange for money

* Interfere with the voting process

* Request evidence regarding the meaning of your vote through photos or with a signed statement

* Vote knowing that you do not meet the requirements of the law

* Show up to vote with a voter ID that does not correspond to you

* Haul voters on Election Day in order to influence the direction of the vote

* Vote or try to vote more than once in the same election

* Obstruct the transfer and delivery of public electoral packages and documents

* Alter the Federal Electoral Registry (electoral tourism) example: false changes of address to vote in another municipality, district or state.

In addition to citizens in general, the following are liable to commit electoral crimes:

* Campaign organizers

* Candidates Pre-candidates

* Election officials

* Party officials

* Ministers of religious worship

* Public servers

* Public notaries

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