Ediles of the Peronist Loyalty block answered Jaldo

After the lieutenant governor Osvaldo Jaldo hold the governor accountable Juan Manzur Due to the graffiti that appeared today in the public thoroughfare, councilors of the Peronist Loyalty bloc of the Capital Deliberative Council expressed their criticism.

The graffiti presented Jaldo as a possible running mate of the head of the General Auditor of the Nation, Michelangelo Pichetto. “(Manzur) wants to make me look bad politically, painting things that are out of place and that I give up,” the lieutenant governor said earlier.

In this regard, the councilor Sara Assán affirmed: “the accusation of the lieutenant governor seems very far from reality, precisely because Manzur is very busy with management and the health issue; and I would not be surprised if it is a political game of those who are around him (Jaldo) to be able to call the attention of national officials who take his claim to Buenos Aires to see if someone calls him. This staging is very childish. “

Meanwhile, the head of the provincial Executive received today in his office Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta (Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity) already Martin Soria (Minister of Justice and Human Rights), within the framework of the first Federal Council for the Prevention and Addressing of Femicides, Travesticides and Transfemicides NOA Region. Then he was part of a meeting to coordinate policies against gender violence, in San Javier, in which the Minister of Security of the Nation also participated, Sabina Frederic.

The mayor David mizrahi He added that “the declarations of the lieutenant governor are more than unfortunate, blaming the governor and conductor of the local Justicialista Party for making graffiti in the street when he is busy receiving three ministers of the Nation dealing with problems that really concern the people, of the management. It is very far from taking care of doing graffiti on the street. “

“The Governor is more concerned with bringing solutions to the people through security, justice, bringing equality to women. Accusations are unnecessary. It is incredible that the lieutenant governor is busy making accusations when his role is to help who he chose in his formula to be driven, “continued the councilor.

Gonzalo Carrillo Leito tHe also gave his opinion and said that “Jaldo comes out with unfortunate statements wanting to hold the Governor accountable for unfounded and empty issues such as graffiti. When the focus should be on addressing important issues regarding management for all Tucuman; we meet again with conjectures lacking in arguments that show the lack of direction and the timeless concern that Jaldo has regarding his political future. “

In that sense, the mayor added that “the short look regarding the needs that all the people of Tucumán have puts the lieutenant governor to prioritize trifles and fall into the game of the Chicanas. Politics has a value that we must recover. It was always a tool to transform realities and not to seek perpetuity and privileges. The health and economic context forces us to work hard to provide answers to the needs of the people. Not to deal with accusations, bickering and biting from those who only watch out for their own ”.

Finally, he added that “the interpellation of Ministers, the graffiti and the ignorance of the leader of the Province and his Party are part of his skewed view. I regret that the lieutenant governor is caught up in politicking in times that require greatness for the well-being of all people from Tucumán ”.

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